'Community' recap: 'Intro to Knots'

By Tori Kronz,
Kidnapping a Professor at Christmas

In the latest episode of Community, “Intro to Knots," the study group kidnaps their professor during a Christmas party.

The episode opens with Annie arriving at Jeff’s apartment for the group’s first real Christmas party. She brought a lot of stuff over to decorate, which people comment on through the first half of the episode. Everyone else arrives one after another, all bringing gifts despite the fact that they agreed to no gifts this year. Even Kevin/Chang was invited. The only one who does not come is Pierce (I am pretty sure it is because Chevy Chase left by the time this episode was made). Abed is disappointed they are not doing Die Hard in a sushi restaurant and spends the rest of the episode treating the party like a movie.

Annie tells the group that she has good news and bad new. The bad news is that they failed their history paper. The good news is she invited Professor Cornwallis to the party. The professor arrives and he is rather horrible. He ignores the guys and follows the women around saying inappropriate things. While hiding from Cornwallis in the kitchen, Jeff tells Britta that they failed because he coasted on his section. He just copied the words to “War! (What is It Good For?)” into the paper. When they return to the party, Cornwallis tells Jeff that they got a C minus and Jeff gets mad at Annie. Jeff’s complaints about having to kiss the professor’s ass get them an F. The whole group moves to Jeff’s bedroom to argue and while this is going on Chang/Kevin ties the professor up.

They are about to release him, when Jeff says they should think about this opportunity. They could not get a lower grade and Cornwallis cannot call the police, since they will just say that he tried to attack one of the women. Annie whips out a rather impressive tearful story. The professor starts trying to break the group. He starts with trying to find tension in the group and lands on the relationship between Troy, Britta and Jeff. That line does not go very far, since Jeff could not care less. The professor shifts quickly to offering an A to the first person who unties him and focuses in on Annie and Shirley. Annie is on the fast track to valedictorian, but apparently Shirley is, too. Annie and Shirley start fighting and the Professor continues to wait for whomever will betray the group.

Someone rings the doorbell at this point and Jeff has to go answer. It is, of course, the Dean who lives next door to Jeff. The Dean barges in and is upset because they are having a party without him. The professor has been released from his chair. After the Dean storms out, Cornwallis walks back into the living room and says he wants to stay to see the betrayer revealed. They tie him back up and Jeff gives a speech about how they are all flawed people. Knowing someone betrayed them just means that that person will forgive the next person to screw up.

They decide to open presents. When they get to Chang/Kevin’s gifts they realize he does not know how to tie knots. The professor was never really tied up and no one betrayed them. The episode ends with Chang/Kevin talking to the mystery person on the phone and telling him/her that the group has still not been expelled. He would have to try something new.

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