'The Daily Show' recap: 4/17/13

By Tori Kronz,
CNN, Boston Marathon Bombing, Torture and Ricky Gervais

The April 16, 2013 episode of The Daily Show focused on CNN’s reporting of the Boston Marathon bombing, the torture report and Ricky Gervais on Twitter.

The episode began with Stewart talking about CNN reporting that an arrest had been made in the Boston Marathon bombing case. The arrest was, according to CNN, based on a video of a dark skinned man leaving the package. Stewart points out this is an amazingly unhelpful description. Stewart then reveals that, not long after the announcement, CNN had to retract their statement, since federal law enforcement announced that, while they were making progress, no arrests or names of suspects have been made or released.

John Oliver ended the segment reporting from Boston. Oliver made a few fake announcements about arrests with the arrested individual’s descriptions getting wilder and wilder. At one point, the suspect was described as a dog dressed as a detective walking on its hind legs. Jessica Williams also appeared to be the slightly, but not by much, more reasonable reporter.

The second segment focused on the recently released torture report. All throughout the Bush administration, government officials insisted that the U.S. government did not torture. The report released said that they definitely did. The report also stated that the highest officials in the government were responsible for the use of torture. The exact ways they were responsible, whether they were asked and gave permission or if they knew and did nothing is unclear from Stewart’s report. The final point in the segment was that not only did we torture, but the report found that no useful information was ever received as a result of torture.

The guest for this episode was Ricky Gervais promoting his new show which will be on Netflix this summer, Dave, his new YouTube channel and music video (see below). They talked about the music video which features the return of Gervais’ character from The Office. They also discussed Gervais on twitter and how it is a great place for an observational comedian to get material, since people are so stupid on twitter. He shared a couple of examples and Stewart tried to wrap his brain around why Gervais started his own YouTube channel.



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