Donald Trump politicizes the Boston tragedy

By T.J. Murray,

Some people believe that finding an angle to push their political agenda is the most important part of a tragedy. Donald Trump put himself in that camp after officials captured one of the Boston marathon suspects last night.

Has anyone yet to make the pun about trumpet starting with Trump? If not, there it is. The man blares and blasts and the world has started to go deaf.

Remember last year when he claimed to have a big announcement about Obama leading into the elections? And then it flopped, reported here by ABC News. Ever since Trump's overzealous insistence that President Obama submit his birth certificate for Trump's approval, it seems that the super-rich television personality has been shouting into a vacuum. He spent a lot of his reverence on that battle with Obama, and, so now, his voice is watered down in many minds as "the conspiracy theory guy".

Even when Trump makes outlandish claims, such as reported by The Huffington Post last year when Trump stated that he believed Obama would start a war to win the 2012 elections, it doesn't seem to garner a response from most of the population who have written him off.

~** #JUNE14thGemini #DonaldTrump  on Twitpic

But that voice is still not small. Trump has over 2 million followers on Twitter. And just like any knowledgeable tweeter, he retweets those who praise him well and poorly retweets those who berate him. So, anyone checking out Trump's Twitter feed would find such hand-picked accolades as:

And chosen disparaging comments such as:

Anyone simply perusing his feed would find that his supporters are articulate and his detractors are conspiracy theorists. It's the way most celebrities make Twitter work for them.

But yesterday's throwing of Obama Care into the conversation was a far stretch. It added nothing to the debate and only cheapened the relief that many were feeling at the capture of the suspected murderer. Trump needs to learn that there's something to be said about silence and serenity.

Image from Twitpic.com.



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