Examples of unity and hope after the Boston Marathon explosions

By Alexi Knock,

When two explosions went off during the fourth hour of the Boston Marathon on Monday, 183 people were injured and three were killed. Fear was soon sent through the American people. After some of that fear subsided, examples of love for the people of Boston began showing up all over the country-and round the world.

The hashtag #prayforBoston went viral as well wishes were sent from all corners of the country. Yankees fans, women from Afghanistan, and Steven Colbert were among the people who displayed their love for the people of this New England city.

Here are some examples of unity and hope in the aftermath of the Boston tragedy:

12. Immediately after the explosions, a viral tweet from NBC was posted describing an act of courage from the exhausted Boston Marathon runners.

11. Yankee Stadium, home to the Boston Red Sox’s historic rivals, displayed this sign loud and proud outside their walls.

10. Soon after, the Yankees tweeted that there will be a special moment of silence in honor of the Boston victims.

9. Yankees fans even sang “Sweet Caroline,” a Red Sox favorite, at the end of the third inning during Tuesday night’s game against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

8. After the game, the Boston Red Sox tweeted in appreciation of the Yankees’ support and from sports teams all over the country.

7. The Chicago Tribune paid respects to all of Boston’s major sports teams with a full-page image in their paper.

6. A couple of Occupy Wall Street protestors from Brooklyn showed love for Boston by displaying this image outside the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Peter Jay Sharp Building.

5. Batman tweeted that the people of Boston are even more heroic than the super heroes in movies and comic books.

4. On Tuesday night, a candlelight vigil was held in Boston Common in honor of the Boston Marathon explosion victims. People gathered in a circle and even broke out in song.

3. People from as far away as Kabul, Afghanistan showed love for a city far, far away.

Photos Courtesy of Principle Photos

2. New Jersey Governor Christopher Christie tweeted out to all those in New Jersey to show respect for Boston.

1. Among the tears, there was laughter during Steven Colbert’s introduction last night discussing the strength of the people of Boston. He said, “What the Boston Marathon terrorists really don't get is that they attacked an unshakable group of people who run 26 miles until their nipples are raw on their day off.”



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