‘General Hospital’ weekly recap: Week of 4/8-4/12

By Sari N. Kent,
The Nurses’ Ball kicked off and brought surprises and unfortunately, unwelcome revelations too. Ellie overheard Maxie and Frisco talk about the baby and became suspicious, Britt announced she was pregnant with Patrick’s baby, Dr. Obrecht revealed that Faison is Britt’s father, AJ and Elizabeth finally kissed for the first time and Stavros is alive and he’s the one who kidnapped Lulu!

At the ball Frisco asked Felicia to marry him and presented a ring. He then gave her the microphone hoping she was about to say yes as Mac and Maxie watched. As guests looked on she told him that she loved him but she meant to tell him weeks ago that the man of her heart was Mac. Outside the ballroom, Mac told Felicia he was ecstatic and professed his love hoping Felicia was in for the long haul. She asked if forever was long enough and wanted him to propose. He did and she accepted with a kiss. Maxie ran after Frisco. He told her that there was nothing left for him in Port Charles. Maxie reminded him that she was there, said that she wanted to be a reason he stayed and was grateful for his help keeping her secret from the crazy doctor. He replied that he'd be in touch and left. Ellie was around the corner listening. She was interrupted at the elevators and turned to find Maxie crying. Ellie asked Maxie if it was more than hormones.

Britt watched a live feed of the Nurses' Ball in another room. She was upset to see Sabrina with Patrick thinking Sabrina had won. Dr. Obrecht told her it was an illusion and they would show him what his real family looks like. Britt then speculated what would happen when they dropped their bombshell. Britt reminded her that it was all her mother's planning for revenge. Obrecht then grabbed Britt's face and told her that weakness is unbecoming. She then ordered Britt to get dressed because soon all of Port Charles would be talking about her and the surprise they were about to unleash. Obrecht then reminded Britt of being rejected by Patrick and asked if she was on board. Britt replied, "Let's do this."

In Lucy's dressing room, Richard Simmons hid in a pile of her clothing in a closet. He said, "I'm back." He verbally attacked Lucy and told her she wasn’t going on to dance. Richard then gagged and locked her in the closet. He said he was about to go on and do a little number for Port Charles. Behind the stage, Emma asked Sabrina if Patrick could be her boyfriend if Milo wasn't. Patrick asked Emma if that would make her happy. She agreed that it would. On stage, Elizabeth replaced Lucy and introduced a traditional tango with Duke and Lucy. Felix indicated Lucy was unavailable. Duke hurriedly told Anna to save him and not let Faison take away their tango. Elizabeth reintroduced the couple who would perform. Afterwards Duke asked Anna if they could create new memories and take on this brave new world together. Then, they kissed. Patrick, Emma, and Sabrina showed up and Emma whispered in Anna's ear. Emma then left with Sabrina to get ready. Anna told Patrick it was about time. Patrick said for her too as he saw Duke looking on.

Elizabeth introduced Magic Milo as the next act. He was followed on stage by Max, Felix, Michael, Spinelli and Anton. They performed a sexy dance routine on and off stage finishing in their underwear with "NURSES BALL" spelled out on their backsides. Epiphany got the women yelling for them to remove their underwear as Richard fell from behind the curtain struggling with Lucy in her underwear. Lucy exclaimed, "It's not an act!" as Richard mocked her from behind. Magic Milo's crew carried Richard out over their shoulders. Spinelli wondered where Ellie was when he returned to the ballroom. Lucy reappeared somewhat dressed onstage to introduce Rick Springfield arranged to perform by Noah Drake. Bobbie thanked Patrick for the surprise performer and told him that he looked like Springfield. Upstairs, Dr. Obrecht called it the best performance of the night as Britt finished up getting dressed. Then, Lucy came back on to introduce Sabrina and Emma. They sang "Call Me Maybe." Patrick wiped tears away pleased. Then, Britt arrived as Lucy reminded everyone about the purpose of the event and introduced Patrick to speak. He gave a moving speech about Robin and the General Hospital staff. He then invited Emma on stage as he thanked everyone including organizations like amFAR for helping Robin's dream become a reality. Britt then walked towards them saying she had a few words of her own. Sabrina joined a scared Emma on stage. Patrick asked Britt not to make a scene. She told him that everyone would be interested in what she had to say, including him. Upstairs, Obrecht looked at a picture of Faison saying Britta would make him a very proud papa.

Obrecht watched via live feed as Britt walked onstage in the ballroom. Sabrina interrupted and Britt said what she had to say didn’t doesn't concern her. Sabrina then told her to spit it out. Obrecht spoke to the TV, "Do it Doctor, say the words." Then, Britt announced, "Patrick, I have great news, I'm pregnant," and dropped her fur showing her baby bump. Upstairs Obrecht continued to gloat about Robin, Faison and Jerry Jax's surprises. Britt wanted to celebrate and tried to engage Emma in conversation about their new family. Patrick shielded Emma and Anna came and took her away from the stage. Anna and Duke calmed Emma down in a dressing room. They told her that she'd be the best sister ever if there really was a baby. She replied that she didn’t want a brother or sister if it meant Britt would be her new mother.

Sabrina ran backstage where Elizabeth and Felix found her. Elizabeth didn’t think she should believe what Britt said yet since her and Patrick broke up months ago and the baby could be anyone’s. Still, Sabrina rushed off to give Britt a piece of her mind. Patrick took Britt out of the ballroom where they discussed how this happened. Britt thanked her lucky stars that she was pregnant and not carrying a disease. He asked if that was a dig at Robin but decided he didn’t care what she had to say. She claimed there was no other way to tell him since he had abandoned her. Britt asked him if he would turn his back on his child as well. Then, Sabrina arrived and Britt left them alone. Sabrina was sorry he had to deal with Britt but reminded Patrick that Britt had lied before. Patrick told Sabrina that he planned on getting a paternity test. He added that he was certain that Britt couldn't break them up and kissed Sabrina.

Lucy took over and introduced the Bensonhurst Medium and her hunky sidekick Max. Olivia and Max entertained in vaudeville style. Lucy then announced a break. Nearby Spinelli talked with Sam about his relationship differences with Ellie. Sam complimented how he has blossomed with Ellie. He then said there would be no more baby talk and left looking for Ellie.

Outside the ballroom, Maxie asked Ellie what she knew about the baby. Ellie said only heard there was a secret and thought Maxie should share it with friends. Maxie was upset that Ellie eavesdropped on her father leaving her. Then, Spinelli found them and asked what was going on. Maxie told him and left them alone. Spinelli wondered what was bothering Ellie. She confessed that Maxie was hiding something about the baby. Spinelli tried to figure out what was going on and confused what happened in the ballroom as related to Maxie and the secret she was keeping with her father. They then decided to return to the ball having not solved the mystery of Frisco, Maxie and Britt.

Molly and TJ were then introduced and performed a rock song "Private School Girls" as Felix gathered Monica and Tracy. He rushed them backstage where AJ and Elizabeth shared their first kiss after their act. Upon seeing them, Felix said, "Way to go, girl," and continued on. AJ and Elizabeth came up for air and were surprised to see Monica and Tracy together. They made it to the ballroom in time to see Monica and Tracy take the stage as the Revelations with Epiphany singing "Jump." Then, Port Charles' couples took the stage to dance. Dr. Obrecht was dancing in her room as Britt returned. Britt asked what she thought of her performance and she replied, "Brava." Obrecht thought Patrick and Sabrina would be torn apart. Britt indicated that she wasn’t in this for revenge and wanted Patrick to love her and said that she didn’t want this to turn out how it did for her mother with her father. Her mother then brought her some warm milk joking that it was poisoned when Britt asked what was in it. Obrecht then tried to convince Britt that Patrick would come around.

Michael took a call. Leaving the ballroom he told Starr about his performance with Magic Milo. He then promised a private performance when she returned. He listened and said, "You're not coming back to me ever?" Then, the phone went dead.

Patrick and Sabrina returned as Lucy was thanking everyone for their support onstage. Then, Felix came onstage with flowers announcing that he ball wouldn’t have been possible without Lucy Coe. Then, there was a standing round of applause. The curtain then raised and a picture of Robin was displayed. Lucy introduced Sabrina as the reason the ball was reborn. Sabrina invited Emma onstage as the real reason for inspiring her to bring back the Nurses' Ball. Emma asked if mommy was watching and Sabrina and Patrick sang "You're Not Alone." Everyone in attendance then stood and joined hands around the ballroom.

At GH Scott left Nikolas' room and saw Bobbie. He complained that he couldn't reach Laura and wished she hadn’t run off with Luke. Bobbie quipped, "It's not as if they're shacking up in bed somewhere together." She then took him back to his Metro Court hotel room to rest and wait for word on Laura.

At the Metro Court, Carly interrupted a room service delivery for Brenda. As Brenda got out of bed, Carly saw pants on the floor. She berated Brenda for jumping into bed with Sonny as soon as Jax was gone. Carly then pulled the blankets down to find Michael and screamed, "Why the hell are you in bed with Brenda?" Brenda swore it wasn’t what it looked like. Carly called Brenda sick and threw Michael his clothes. He said he was okay and told Carly to leave Brenda alone since it was his fault. He then begged Carly to leave so he could talk to Brenda. Carly cursed while throwing a glass of water at Brenda and left. Michael apologized for Carly, and for taking advantage of Brenda. Brenda disagreed that he didn’t made her do anything she didn't want to. Michael checked his messages and saw he was late for a meeting with AJ. In the lobby Carly ordered staff to get Brenda out of her hotel. Then, Scott and Bobbie arrived and Carly confessed that she found Michael in bed with Brenda. She realized once Sonny found out he would kill Brenda. She went to call him but Bobbie grabbed the phone. Then, Scott jumped in and strategically addressed Carly so Michael could sneak out of the Metro Court. Carly took their advice to avoid jeopardizing her relationship with her son and didn’t call Sonny. Alone, as she looked at photos of her kids, but Brenda interrupted by handing her Michael's tie that was left in her bed.

Mac and Felicia met Anna in her office. She was anxious that Lulu, Dante, Luke and Laura were unaccounted for. Mac and Felicia offered their help. Anna said it was now in the hands of the WSB. Then, she complimented them on how well they looked together. Mac then announced that Felicia had proposed. She said it was the other way around and that she was now just waiting for a ring. They congratulated Anna for reuniting with Duke. Anna replied that she wasn’t sure they had reunited but shared that they did kiss. She added that all was not resolved yet.

At the Quartermaine's AJ called Elizabeth and they remembered the great time they had at the ball. He told her that he was eager for a second date and she replied that she would get back to him but seemed eager as well. Then, Duke arrived and AJ complimented him on his tango at the ball and asked if he and Anna were back together. Duke replied that he didn’t know. AJ encouraged him to keep a positive attitude. Duke asked if he was doing the same with Elizabeth. Later, Michael arrived late and confessed that he spent the night with Brenda Barrett. AJ’s reaction…he spat his beverage out.

Alexis and Elizabeth talked to an unconscious Nikolas at GH. Elizabeth told Alexis he left Port Charles because of her. While she shared her love and hope for him to get better he squeezed her hand and woke up. Elizabeth explained what happened to him. A doctor wanted Elizabeth to keep Nikolas calm. Alexis updated him on Spencer and Elizabeth asked him if he remembered what happened. Nikolas said he knew Lulu was in danger. He was told what happened to Lulu and that Helena was believed to be behind the kidnapping but he explained that Helena didn’t care about Lulu. Then, Elizabeth asked, "Who does?" Nikolas replied, "My father."

Luke woke up remembering the last few moments aboard The Haunted Star. His head hurt. He looked around and found himself in bed with Laura. He woke her up. She wanted to know where they were. Luke didn’t know. "We're in bed together," she exclaimed. She asked why, but he hoped she had the answer. They pieced together their fight with Cassadine henchmen on The Haunted Star and searched for a way out of the room. They found themselves locked in trying to figure out who had carried them there and why. Luke thought it was retribution for killing Helena. Laura couldn’t believe she was finally dead and Luke couldn’t believe it had taken him 30 years to kill her. Luke thought Ethan had escaped but he wasn’t so sure about Dante. Then, Laura realized her phone was gone and worried about Nikolas. Luke reminded her that Alexis said he was fine, "Let's worry about Lulu." Laura then looked out the window and remembered the place. Luke asked if they had been there before. Laura answered, "We're on Cassadine Island." Laura realized it was the room where she gave birth. She was confused why they had been brought there. Luke listed all the Cassadines who were dead and living trying to make sense and searched the room further. In the closet, he found an invitation to dress black tie for a meeting. They dressed in clothes sized for them. Luke yelled they were ready and the door unlocked and opened for them. They arrived to an empty formal dining room, a door opened and a very much alive Stavros entered.

Michael met AJ at the Quartermaine's and confirmed that he had sex with Brenda. AJ asked about Starr. Michael shared that Starr called stating that they were over and she was never coming back to Port Charles. AJ thought he was free to sleep with whomever he wanted but Brenda had to worry about Jax. Michael then told AJ that Jax broke their engagement and left, which was why he wasn’t at the ball. Then, AJ complimented Michael for sleeping with a gorgeous model. Then, he asked if Michael told Sonny yet. Michael replied that he didn’t want to hurt him. AJ seemed happy that Carly and Sonny might get what they deserved, he was only sorry he wouldn’t get to tell Sonny himself. Michael then told AJ that he and Brenda consoled each other after their mutual breakups and he guessed it led to them having sex. AJ asked, "You guess?"

Carly offered to strangle Brenda with Michael's bowtie at the Metro Court. Brenda said she'd return it herself and then Carly protested. Brenda then told Carly that she should pay attention to the details, like Michael getting dumped the night before. She then gloated that she had consoled Michael. A fight ensued and they needed to be separated by security. Carly demanded to be put down and told Brenda that she had crossed a line. She threatened to call Sonny but decided not to torture him since Dante was still missing.

Olivia and Sonny went to the Lulu and Dante’s apartment. Olivia rushed to a disorientated Dante. He said, “I wasn't able to save her.” Then, a voice called her out of her vision. She then apologizes to the cop she was hugging. She told Sonny she saw Dante and what he said. Sonny didn’t want her to jump to conclusions. Olivia asked him to distract her. She wanted him to tell her about Carly and Brenda. Sonny confided about Brenda visiting him and Carly eavesdropping. Olivia hoped Sonny showed Brenda the door and asked if Kate or Connie had anything to worry about. Sonny said he was committed to Kate and Connie. They decided they would go crazy waiting for news and Sonny took Olivia away.

At GH, Nikolas said his father had Lulu. Elizabeth thought he was confused. Alexis told Nikolas that he needed rest and when he woke up things would make sense. Nikolas explained he was making sense, Stavros was alive! He reminded Alexis how he helped Robert Scorpio, which angered Helena. He explained that he went to Greece to appease his grandmother and found out she was hiding something. He stumbled across his father in a locked room. Helena then recounted how she had saved Stavros from the pit he fell down and told Nikolas that someday he would come back healthier and stronger than ever. Nikolas then said that one day he found Stavros looking at a picture and asked him one day what he was doing. Stavros mumbled something about his princess. Nikolas found out that Stavros saw Lulu in Turkey rescuing Luke and thought she was Laura. Nikolas then said that he tried to reason with Stavros and showed him pictures of Laura and Lulu together. Then, Stavros knocked Nikolas out and disappeared. Then, Helena caught Nikolas calling Lucky for help, but he just got his voicemail and he explained how Helena ended up kidnapping Ethan as a distraction. Helena had Nikolas locked away for being disloyal but he managed to escape and get to Port Charles hoping to warn Lulu. Nikolas then reminds Alexis that Dante was now a rival of Stavros and Alexis remembered how Stavros deals with rivals.

On Cassadine Island, Luke and Laura were shocked when Stavros entered the room. Stavros said he was back and better than ever as Luke and Laura stared on in disbelief. He said he was hurt by Laura's disdain and rejection at seeing him and told the couple, "Reports of all of our deaths have been greatly exaggerated at one point or another." Then, Luke grabbed Stavros holding a dinner knife to his neck and reminded him, "You've cheated death twice, now the third time's a charm." Laura stopped Luke from stabbing him so they could find Lulu. Luke reluctantly threw the knife down. Then, Laura begged Stavros to tell them where Lulu was. He promised to share every last detail, but first they would dine. They wouldn't eat and Stavros told them that a Cassadine wouldn't poison his guests. He then reminded Laura that he would never harm her and that they were a family. Laura started offering to stay with him if that was what he wanted. Luke told her not to negotiate anything, but Stavros rejected her, saying he had given up their future to hold onto their past. He then added, "Besides, I've met someone else, Lulu my princess." Luke and Laura shuddered, thinking Stavros had raped Lulu. Seeing their fear, he then told them not to get the wrong idea. That he'd just been courting Lulu since he sent the Ice Princess. Stavros then added that he was pleased with the second gift he sent Lulu, the bear. He then admitted to shooting Nikolas to keep him from revealing his plan and said he thought Helena fed Dante to the sharks. Luke then boasted about eliminating Helena from his family's life. Stavros replied that he saw Luke shoot Helena and that he was taking care of his mother, “The same way she took care of me.” He had her put her on ice, just like he did to his new ice princess.

In a secret location, Dante knocked out one of his capturers and started to make his way around eliminating others. He gained access to a private room filled with technical equipment. He found Helena's body under a sheet with a cold icy stare. Dante backed away from her into a door and peered through its icy window. He uttered, "Lulu?"
Monica showed AJ her favorite picture from the Nurses' Ball, one of him and Elizabeth. She remarked on how happy they looked. Monica then wonders if Elizabeth was going to be her new daughter-in-law. AJ replied that there was no need to rush. Then, Monica reminded him that Elizabeth was tending to Nikolas and maybe he should be concerned.

Maxie visited Mac at The Floating Rib worried about Dante and Lulu. Mac said he was sorry that Frisco had left again but reminded her that he is helping the WSB search for Dante and Lulu. She replied that she was okay since she always had Mac. He then said he was happy for the opportunity to raise three extraordinary girls and told her it was about to become official. She was confused. Mac then announced he was marrying Felicia again. Maxie replied that she thought Georgie and Robin were in heaven doing cartwheels. They then sat down and discussed what will happen to the baby if Lulu and Dante didn’t come back. Mac believed the grandparents would get involved. Maxie didn’t see that happening and wondered why she couldn’t decide what happened. Mac said it was because she would have no connection to the baby after it was born. She exclaimed, "But I do." Mac told her not to worry, because he was certain Dante and Lulu would come home.

At GH, Nikolas reminded Alexis where the lab was and she left to get word to Anna and the WSB that Stavros was alive. Elizabeth was happy everything would soon be alright. Nikolas said it wouldn’t be and it was his fault for not going to the proper authorities. He agreed that Helena loved him and would never hurt him, but others weren’t so lucky. Then, they talked about hurting Lucky.

Sonny and Olivia showed up at Anna's office. Anna explained nothing was confirmed but one of the bodies thrown overboard matched the height and build of Dante. She gave them a minute alone. Olivia lost it, wondering who these people were, filled with revenge and curses. She thought that Dante had come back to say goodbye to her. Sonny wouldn’t allow her to give up on Dante, and reminded her how he had survived before. Then, they reminisced about their son.

Outside Alexis caught up with Anna and gave her the history of Stavros resurfacing and his current location. Anna then got an update on new satellite imagery that identified Helena as being dead and Ethan escaping alive. Alexis didn’t believe her and wouldn’t until she saw Helena's cold lifeless body for herself. Then, Sonny and Olivia came out and Anna shared the good news. They left and Anna called Mac to alert him and Maxie that Luke, Laura and Dante had been found.

Alexis rushed back to GH and told Nikolas that everyone had been located and that help was on the way. She left and Nikolas thanked Elizabeth. AJ saw them embrace from the hall.

On Cassadine Island, Dante banged on the window and screamed Lulu's name. He tried getting the fingerprint activated security lock to work and even dragged the body of a guard over and tried his thumb but had no success. He then banged on the locking mechanism with a large tank. In the dining room, Stavros told Luke and Laura that Lulu was safe. Luke asked if Lulu had been frozen. Stavros replied, "It is as I said. I am her prince and she is my ice princess." Stavros talked about Lulu's stubbornness to submit to the life he was planning for her and that due to her hot-bloodedness, he had to cool her down. Then, Laura softly spoke to Stavros pleading that if he ever loved her to take her to Lulu. Then, alarms went off. Stavros screamed, "My ice princess!" and ran off. Alarms were blaring as Stavros demanded Dante stay away from her. Stavros was in the middle of telling Dante that he would regret something when Luke knocked him out. Laura rushes to the door and called Lulu's name. Luke and Dante dragged Stavros to the security panel and scanned his thumb. The door opened and they rushed inside. Laura was worried about the temperature and Luke covered Lulu with his coat. But, Stavros came to. Luke held him at gunpoint until they could leave the ice chamber. They then locked Stavros in the chamber as he screamed, "She's my ice princess!" Dante laid her on a table across from Helena. He told Lulu that she wasn’t going to die as they tried to warm her up. Laura pleaded for Lulu to breathe. Dante apologized for not saving Lulu and held her. Laura screamed back at Stavros that he killed Lulu. Luke told Laura not to stop him as he moved toward the cryo-chamber keypad, but she stopped him and activated the cryo-chamber herself with Stavros inside.

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