James Deen reveals more details into Farrah Abraham sex tape, calls himself the 'new sex tape'

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham originally hoped to make her porno with adult film star, James Deen, appear as a leaked sex tape, but porn pro Deen has since let the secret out.

Deen continues to not shy away from giving details into Abraham's plan despite pleas to keep his mouth shut from her people. Additionally, Deen is now calling himself the “new sex tape.”

Deen confirmed his role in the porno earlier this week despite claims from Abraham that no such film existed, and that her lawyer would answer any questions. “If I had my own personal stuff, that’s my own personal thing,” she explained at the time. Later, Deen spoke out saying that the idea of a leaked sex tape between he and Abraham was a lie, that the whole thing was set up by the former Teen Mom star and her people.

Now, Deen is divulging more details into the set-up, explaining to CNN that he was approached by a production company that wanted to create the sex tape, and set it up as if he was dating the 21-year-old reality star. Deen explains that he replied, “No, absolutely not. They were like, 'No, it's going to be great: we'll set you up on a date and call the paparazzi,’” he continues. “And I'm like no, that sounds like the worst experience of my life. Absolutely not going to do that.”

Despite Deen's feelings, photographs of Deen walking with Abraham were published, and the adult film actor was forced to clear the air regarding his relationship with her.

“I say no and they said, well what were you doing and I said we were shooting a porno,” he explained. “Now there's this whole thing. They're saying please don't say any details and I'm like, I have no desire to say anything to anyone. To me, this isn't even a story. But, also, I do porn every day."

“I think what happened now, the company has its marketing strategy, she and her people have their marketing strategy. I don't really care, but why can't the marketing strategy be, It's gonna be cool! Wanna see it? World's best porno comin' out soon!” he notes.

Furthermore, Deen notes that today the idea of a sex tape is a “hoax.” He explained that since appearing to be linked to Lindsay Lohan since co-starring with her in The Canyons, he has found himself at the center of a lot of attention. "I don't know. Maybe I'm the new sex tape,” he adds.

Abraham has since stated that she will release the sex tape for $2 million.

image: Farrah Abraham/ James Deen Twitter



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