Jessica Biel congratulates Beverley Mitchell on birth of baby girl

By Lindsay Barton,

Jessica Biel might have baby on the brain.

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The former 7th Heaven actress sent her congratulations to fellow co-star Beverley Mitchell yesterday. Mitchell and fiancé Michael Cameron welcomed daughter Kenzie Lynn on March 28.

“I made French toast today and Beverly Mitchell made a baby. She wins. Congrats!” she tweeted.

“Thanks love!” Beverley responded. “Now can I have some?”

Biel married Justin Timberlake last October and has been in newlywed bliss ever since. She sat next to Mitchell at her baby shower, and the two are very close, Us Weekly reports. Mitchell refers to her as ‘auntie.’

Mitchell and Cameron fell in love with baby Kenzie and are savoring every moment as new parents. The couple married in 2008, according to ABC News.

“Now I am really in trouble. Can't wait to dress my little angel, only trouble is she is so little she doesn't fit in anything I have!" she tweeted. "So sad I have to go shopping for this beautiful little girl. [Hashtag] So not sad." Mitchell added, "Truly the sweetest little girl in the world but I guess I'm partial."

Image: #BLOWUX Beauty of the Day #JessicaBiel #Bardot #Blowout on Twitpic



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