Justin Bieber illegally tattoos a friend, could be fined $2,000

By Daniel S Levine,

Justin Bieber probably doesn’t need any more problems, between his monkey and being accused of threatening neighbors. But he may just have another one to add to the growing list. While in New York City last June, he tattooed friend and tattoo artist Bang Bang without a licence.

According to The New York Daily News, Bieber, who was 18 at the time, gave Bang Bang, whose real name is Keith McCurdy, a tattoo on his leg. The singer drew a mouse and wrote the word “Swaggy.”

That “Swaggy” could cost Bieber $2,000 since Bieber did it without a license.

It turns out the New York Health Department has condemned McCurdy for allowing a celebrity to tattoo him before. In 2009, they cited his salon for “operating with an unlicensed tattoo artist on site” when Rihanna drew an “R” on him.

After the Daily News’ story was published on Wednesday, Celebuzz caught up with McCurdy, who defended Bieber. “There are people in New York with a tattoo license that don’t know their a** from their elbow,” he said. “He did the tattoo under the supervision of a very capable teacher… me.”

About the tattoo itself, McCurdy joked, “I’m like a needy fan, I want a 30-minute autograph.” He added that the design was all Bieber’s idea. “That was his design. It was anything he wanted. It’s his cartoon character. It might be the only thing he knows how to draw.”

McCurdy proudly told Celebuzz that whenever a celebrity asks if they can give him a tattoo, he always says yes.

image: NBC



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