'Modern Family's' last two episodes

By Melissa Zarate,

America’s Favorite Modern Family is gearing up for their final two episodes of the season. The three-time Emmy award winning series has just released captions of what the plot will be featuring.

On May 15, the penultimate episode, "Games People Play," will air. The Dunphys will be taking a road trip which will test their patience for each other. Phil buys a new RV in hopes of having a fun family trip. Claire thinks this is a bad idea but let’s Phil go on with it. Manny has lost his backpack and Jay and Gloria help him search for it. They break into Phil and Mitchell’s house and go a little overboard on the snooping. Lily has her first gymnastics meet which brings out a competitive side of Mitch and Cam.

The finale episode, which will air May 22, is called "Goodnight, Gracie." Phil’s mom passes away and the whole family gets together to support him during this hard time. They all fly to Florida for the funeral. Claire helps Phil with Gracie’s last wish for Frank (Phil’s dad). Haley, Luke, and Alex reflect on what gifts they received from grandma. Gloria has to deal with an arrest warrant in Florida; Cam realizes he gets along with women’s group at Frank’s retirement center. Jay faces a critical person from his past.

Modern Family airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

Image: ABC Medianet



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