New blog 'Your Fave is Problematic' problematic?

By Ariel Campos,
Should we be hyper aware of our favorite celebrities flaws?

Tumblr blog Your Fave is Problematic is getting a lot of attention lately, by drawing attention to celebrities and their less than reputable actions or beliefs.

The description of the blog reads, "Problematic shit your favorite celebrities have done", and features a celebrity per post with a list of mostly patriarchal, racial, and body shameful acts or quotes they are responsible for.

For example, Jeremy Renner has his own post, pointing out how he sympathized with a racist character he played, has used a racial slur in an interview, and "conflates trans*women and cross dressers".

John Green is one celebrity who has been cited as "problematic" on the site, and has responded through his own Tumblr blog. The Fault in Our Stars and Looking for Alaska author and internet presence was alerted of his inclusion in the blog by his followers. Green responded to each bullet point against him in replies to "asks" sent wondering about his reaction to Your Fave is Problematic.

But first, he made a point to say, "In general, I think it’s good not to worship those you admire. It’s important to understand that all people are flawed and make mistakes and say stupid/cruel/hateful/inappropriate things. And it’s good to hold those people accountable. But it’s also possible to like someone who is flawed. In fact, it is more or less necessary."

This interesting new blog and the responses to it bring up several interesting questions, specifically where the middle ground should be between being aware that our favorite celebrities are not perfect, and condemning them for every, even slightly problematic thing that they say and/or do?

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