‘Psych’ recap: ‘Deez Nups’

By Meaghan Fleming,

This week’s episode of Psych starts with the Chief Karen Vick telling everyone about crime lord Max Rizzo. They’re trying to find his accountant Herb because he left the crime organization and can give them information. Lassiter comes in even though he took the day off to do all the wedding party planning in one day. He gives various people a save the date card and right after hands out wedding invitations.

Gus tells Shawn Rachael is in London so Max can visit his father and he’s waiting to hear from her. Lassiter invites the Chief and Juliet to Marlowe’s bachelorette party. They both try to get out of it, but Lassiter doesn’t listen. He then tells Shawn and Gus he’s not having a bachelor party. Shawn and Gus think that answer is unacceptable and kidnap him. They get his high school friend Stumpy, and Woody to join the party which happens to be on a party bus that Henry will be driving.

Lassiter tells them they cannot have too crazy of a night because he’s getting married in the morning. Shawn and Gus tell him it will not be like the movie The Hangover because that movie wasn’t realistic.

Juliet and the Chief Vick feel out of place with Marlowe and her friend Wendy at first. Wendy makes the Chief take a lot of shots. Lassiter and the guys go to a casino and Shawn sees the accountant they were briefed about at the police station. Back at the bachelorette party, a male stripper shows up, but the Chief and Juliet discover the stripper is Buzz McNab. Shawn tells Gus he saw the accountant Herb at the casino. They go into the elevator and see Lassiter has already apprehended Herb. Lassiter handcuffs him to the stripper pole and they go to his house to get documents against the crime lord.

Buzz talks to Juliet and says that he and his wife need the extra money. She tells him to leave right away in hopes the Chief will forget he was there so he doesn’t get fired. Marlowe tells Juliet the wedding is happening at such a fast pace, and she’s not sure if going through with it is the right thing to do.

Rizzo’s men are at Herb’s house and see him come in. The men chase everyone out of the house and start shooting at the party bus as they drive away. Back at the casino, Juliet, the Chief, and Wendy are looking for Marlowe. Stumpy propositions them, thinking they are prostitutes and Wendy punches him in the face. Lassiter, Gus, Shawn, and Herb head for the police station. Max Rizzo calls Lassiter and tells him he has Marlowe.

Lassiter tells the gang he can’t risk losing Marlowe, so he is going to trade the Herb for Marlowe. Herb jumped out of the window and runs away. Without Herb, they can’t save Marlowe. Henry pretends to be Herb to trade for Marlowe. Marlowe got free as well and they tried to trade someone else for her as well. A funny exchange between Lassiter and Rizzo occurs.

Shawn figures out how Marlowe got free and they go to find her. When they open the door, Marlowe accidentally kicks Lassiter in the face. Juliet and Marlowe leave because they have two hours until the wedding begins. After the guys are shown coming down an escalator in their suits, with Lassiter in front in his white suit and Woody at the end in his bathing suit, instead of his suit for the wedding.

Shawn figures out Herb is still at the casino. He tells Lassiter and they bring him back the party bus. Rizzo’s men are still following Herb and see Lassiter leave with him on the bus. Marlowe tells Juliet that she got over her pre-wedding jitters. Juliet tells her Lassiter is really happy with her. The Chief tells her about marriage saying there will be wonderful days, as well as days when you wish you were somewhere else.

Gus listens to Lassiter finish writing his own vowels. Lassiter admits that Stumpy isn’t actually his best friend. He says he didn’t want a real bachelor party because he doesn’t have close friends. Wendy’s parole officer calls and she’s in trouble. The Chief yells at the parole officer and has to attach herself to Wendy during the wedding.

Marlowe is about to walk down the aisle in a stunning red dress when Rizzo’s people show up and start shooting. She quickly jumps out of the way while the wedding party and guests start shooting too, as many of them are police officers. Buzz runs to capture the shooters and his pants rip off. Herb officiates the wedding when it finally gets under way. Marlowe and Lassiter finally get married and seem very happy.

Rachael finally calls Gus after the wedding. Juliet is eating cake and Shawn gives her his coat while he goes to get her a drink. Henry and Shawn talk at the bar about marriage and love. Juliet figures out Shawn could have figured out without being psychic how Marlowe got free and where Herb was. Shawn looks over at his friends and thinks about his relationship with Juliet. Shawn tells her the truth about him not being psychic and that he didn’t plan on falling in love. Juliet says she feels stupid and throws her drink in his face. Gus notices and ends his phone call with Rachael.

Favorite line, comments, and questions:

"Note to whoever is there, step to me and I whip out the enormous piece I have under this robe." (Lassiter when he hears someone in the bushes)

I really was not expecting that ending! It’s understandable that she would figure it out sometime, but I was expecting the reveal of Shawn’s lie to be later on this season. I can’t wait to see how they deal with it in the upcoming episodes and if she tells the Chief. Try to stay positive Shules fans! I think Shawn and Juliet will be able to work things out, thought it might take quite a while. Overall the episode was a lot of fun. It wasn’t perfect, but it was about celebrating Lassiter and Marlowe’s wedding with a bit of the regular Psych fun thrown in throughout.

Did you see the end coming? Did you have a favorite moment?

Don’t forget to watch next Wednesday at 10 p.m. on USA!



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