Rapper Tyga to brave Harvard despite student protests

By Lena Finkel,

Well, Tyga certainly has guts! Despite many protests and a signed petition to keep the rapper away from Harvard’s annual concert Yardsfest, Tyga will perform as planned.

Best known for his hit song “Rack City,” Tyga has apparently caused quite a stir among Harvard undergraduates. According to The Huffington Post, students even signed a petition to keep the rapper away, citing his misogynistic lyrics as the cause. Two self-proclaimed feminists of color at the university claim his songs are “glorifications of hypersexualized violence and predatorial sexuality” in Harvard College’s Manifesta Magazine.

Despite the protests, the two organizations in charge of the event have decided to retain Tyga as a headliner. In a recently-released statement, the organizations announced, “In respecting those students who do not wish to attend Tyga’s performance but would still like to take part in Yardfest, we have moved back the headliner’s start time so that his performance does not overlap with dinner.”

The annual spring concert is set to take place the night of April 13 and is free to Harvard College students.

Image courtesy of TwitPic.



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