Record Store Day is tomorrow - Vinyl lovers unite!

By Daniel S Levine,

Tomorrow is Record Store Day, the greatest day of the year for music fanatics who love vinyl and supporting their local independent stores. It’s become an annual tradition that is now supported by some of the biggest artists in the business, who provide exclusives to be sold on that day.

The huge list of RSD exclusives include music from Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, the Black Keys, The Band, The Cure, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts and Mumford & Sons.

According to Forbes, the tradition started in 2007, when Michael Kurtz, the head of a coalition of independent record store chains, lead a think-tank on how they could keep digital stores like iTunes from dominating the industry and help bring back physical media. “There was all of this negative media saying record stores were irrelevant,” Kurtz told Forbes, so they set out to change that.

Since then, the event has been scheduled for the third Saturday of April and now over 2,000 independent stores across the country participate. It has also been an international success and a big hit in France, Kurtz notes.

So, tomorrow is the perfect day to celebrate your love of vinyl. It’s a format that refuses to go out of style and record stores will be filled with people sharing their love for the medium.

image: Recordstoreday.com



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