Russell Brand jokes about trying to get recruited for Scientology

By Danielle Fredette,

Actor and comedian Russell Brand appeared on Conan on Tuesday, April 16, where he joked about getting recruited for Scientology and his crush on Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence.

The 27-year-old, who starred in Rock of Ages alongside Tom Cruise, joked that he often tried to get Cruise to recruit him for Scientology.

"I was thinking, he's a member of that religion called Scientology I thought, 'Oh I'm interested in that,'" omg! Yahoo reports. "Every so often I'd say things like, 'Oh Tom, sometimes I'm a bit lost in life. Oh Tom, I wish I had a way of thinking more positively about the future.'"

However, it appears that Cruise did not take the bait, Brand adding, "That man had no interest in getting me in Scientology at all. If there's a cult that don't want me, I want to know why!"

Brand also spoke about his crush on 22-year-old Silver Linings Playbook actress Jennifer Lawrence. "She's a really beautiful Oscar winning actress," Brand told Conan. "I wouldn't go 'I refuse to have sex with this glorious creation.'"

He added, "She's so beautiful, elegant and mysterious. I bet she's probably a pain in the ass, she's bound to be isn't she?"

Perez Hilton reported last month that Brand actually tried to hit on Lawrence at the Vanity Fair Oscar party, stating that Brand was turned down by the actress not once, but twice.

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