‘Saturday Night Live’ Recap: Vince Vaughn

By Catherine Silver,

This week on Saturday Night Live, Vince Vaughn returned to the stage to act as host with musical guest, Miguel.

The cold open included a message from President Barack Obama. In the sketch, the President discusses gun control because it is an issue of importance to him. A pair of politicians appear to go over some new laws involving the gun issue. Some of these ridiculous laws include limiting the number of guns you can shoot at the same time to two and not allowing people to purchase a gun without being asked, “Are you a good person?”

Vaughn’s monologue was centered on audience interaction. He was focused on the cast and himself feeding off the energy from the audience. Vaughn singles out several audience members with one-on-one interviews. One particular audience member was a girl named Paige, whom he chooses to be his focus for the entire show, no pressure.

The first sketch involved a show called "Stormy Skies." Vaughn appears as a newscaster who describes his date in meteorology terms. During the date, the reporters chime in to describe spouse infidelity and random weather events with sexual innuendo. Towards the end of the sketch, Kenan Thompson pops in as Al Roker and joins in on the weather report.

Next up was a sketch titled “History of Punk.” The sketch centered around the recent passing of Margaret Thatcher. It involved an English band named Ian Rubbish and the Bizarros. The band comments on the history of their career and the main singer’s obsession with Margaret Thatcher. Even though the band suffers due to the lead singer’s pro-Thatcher attitude, he continues to dedicate his music to the former prime minister and even rocks out with her over tea.

The first misfire sketch of the night involved a short term memory loss theater. During the sketch, Bill Hader’s character was forced to feed the actors lines and stage directions in order to put on a play. Although it was humorous at first and entertaining to see Bill Hader break into laughter, the sketch never really went anywhere and was tiring after the first few jokes.

After Miguel took the stage to sing his song "Adorn," Seth Myers returned for the Weekend Update. This Weekend Update included an appearance by Brad Paisley and LL Cool J. The hip hop and country duo appear on the show to discuss their new song "Accidental Racist." They claim that the song tells the gritty interaction between a man and his Starbucks barista, and even reveal an unreleased verse. Next, Marina Chapman makes a cameo on the show to discuss her upbringing with monkeys. Her interactions with Seth include random monkey outbursts and other crazy behavior.

The next sketch involved a junior high school prom. Vince Vaughn plays a rich man who lives on top of a hill that overlooks the school. He donates $100,000 to the prom budget and decides to visit the school on prom night. During his visit, he gives the boys a boost of confidence to encourage them to dance with the girls. His unconventional tactics include slow dancing with the boys and trying to make some of the girls jealous.

The "Roundball Rock" sketch included some NBC executives searching for a new theme song for one of their sports shows. A pair of eccentric, songwriting brothers are brought in to craft the perfect tune. After hearing the tune once, the executives request that they take the lyrics out. Unfortunately, the writers feel that it sounds incomplete and break into a rage with hammers and gasoline. Before they can set the keyboard on fire, they return to their senses and leave without selling the song.

The last sketch of the night was "Last Call II" where Vince Vaughn and Kate McKinnon play two desperate people at the end of the night. They use cheesy pick up lines on each other and find any excuse to find a connection between them. The odd pair share a sweater during a dance and end up planking on top of each other at the end of the night.

What did you think about Vince Vaughn’s job as host on SNL this week? Comment below!

image: NBC



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