Sparkling champagne line MAGNIFICO GIORNATA launched in New York City

By Nicole Zelo,

On April 3, Carrie Keagan of VH1's Big Morning Buzz announced a new and trendy sparkling champagne line named MAGNIFICO GIORNATA. She has partnered up with co- founder and CEO Robert Manfredonia, who adds nearly twenty years of experience in the wine and soirits industry to the brand's launch initiative. Magnifico Giornata, meaning "magnificent day" in Italian breaks from the norm of traditional champagne, which is enjoyed mostly for special occasions and celebrations.

Manifico Giornata comes in three different flavors; Ginger Peche, Lavender Honey and Grapefruit Blanc. All have a lightly infused, sweet yet sophisticated taste which makes you think it should cost a lot more than the market price of $25 per bottle! It's luxury at a bargain price, which makes it easy to make any given day or happy moment a celebration.

The event took place at Beaumarchais, in the Meat Packing district of New York City. The large crowd was pleasantly pleased with the sparkling champagne which was also paired with hor'dourves that were carefully selected to compliment the vino. Guests were also entertained by renowned burlesque troop Dances of Vice. They first presented the champagne with sparklers lit in the bottles followed by a seductive dance.

The night was exciting and a big hit just as Magnifico was. Magnifico Giornata will be available in fine liquor stores and lounges throughout the city. It will also be available in other cities in the U.S. throughout the year.



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