Steals, Battles and more on 'The Voice'

By Chelsea Lewis ,

The competition on The Voice is heating up. The coaches are working with their teams to have the best battle rounds possible. With only a few spots left on teams, the vocalists are leaving everything on the stage and hoping for the best outcome.

The battle rounds tonight kicked off with Team Usher facing off first. Jessica Childress went up against Vedo. Usher picked out the song “Locked Out of Heaven” by Bruno Mars. Shakira started off the judges’ comments by saying that she felt so good throughout the entire performance, Shakira was impressed with the interaction between the vocalists and noted that it was refreshing. Levine said that the performance was enjoyable and that Vedo impressed him and commented on Childress' natural talent. Shelton said that he felt bad for Usher because he had to make this decision. Usher was left with a tough decision. After much debate, Usher chose to keep Vedo on his team.

Following that impressive Bruno Mars-inspired battle, Team Shakira took center stage. Luke Edgemon sang off against Monique Abbadie. Shakira chose the song “You and I” by Lady Gaga to set the stage for the battle. During the rehearsals, Shakira stressed to both vocalists that they need to work together in order to sound great, instead of over powering each other. Levine said that Abbadie was strong and powerful but Edgemon blew him away. Levine said that he would give this battle to Edgemon. Shelton agreed with Levine. Usher said that both artists compliment each other. Shakira decided to keep Abbadie on her team, adding that she hoped Edgemon would be stolen by one of the other coaches.

Within moments of Edgemon being available to steal, Shelton and Usher hit their buttons to steal him. The decision was now up to Edgemon, who chose to join Team Blake.

Next up was Team Blake. Shelton put Jacqui Sandell against Savannah Berry in the battle arena. Shelton chose a country song by Little Big Town, “Little White Church.” Levine said that he was expecting greatness from Berry and Sandell was very different and he was impressed. Usher said that Sandell did her own thing on the song and he was impressed by how talented Berry is. Shakira said that she was impressed how both ladies used the stage. With not much help from the judges, Shelton was left with a tough choice. In the end, staying on Team Shelton was Berry.

Following the country battle, Team Shakira took the stage. C. Perkin went up against Kris Thomas. The two performed “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars, the second Mars cover of the night. Levine added that they are both amazing singers and that this is not an easy decision. Shelton said that he still feels as though we haven’t seen everything that each artist can do yet. Usher added that it was a very complicated song for both artists. Shakira decided to keep Thomas on her team.

At the very last second, Usher stole C. Perkin for his team on the way out. Perkin is now a member of Team Usher.

Following a heart-stopping steal, Team Adam took the stage. Midas Whale, a folk duo, faced off against Patrick Dodd. Levine chose one of the most famous classic rock songs by Elvis, “Burning Love.” The battle round brought Usher and Levine to their feet. Shelton said that battle was so awesome; Usher added that both vocalists did a kick-*ss job. Usher said that Dodd’s tone reminded him of Springsteen and that he was happy the world got to see both talents. Shakira said Whale was very comfortable on stage. Levine was left with a hard choice. In the end, he chose to keep Whale on Team Adam.

The last battle of the night was from Team Usher. Orlando Dixon went up against Ryan Innes. “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers set the battle stage. Dixon, who has a more hip-hop sound, collided with Innes' soulful style - the vocal combination was interesting and challenging. Shakira said that the performance was awesome and refused to pick which artist would win this battle. Levine said that both are amazing talents and that he would pick Dixon to move forward. Shelton said that the thing he loves about Innes is that he is a manly man and is Shelton’s kind guy. Usher, after much deliberation, chose to keep Innes on his team.

Levine chose to steal Dixon right in the middle of his goodbye speech. Levine said that Dixon is an amazing talent and he could not let Dixon leave the show.

Image courtesy of NBC.



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