Suspect arrested in Utah cabin burglaries

By Robert Kirchgassner ,

A man was arrested by Utah police Tuesday as a suspect in a series of cabin break-ins which occurred throughout the state.

The suspect, 45-year-old Troy James Knapp, had reportedly been fleeing police for over five years, according to the Associated Press.

Knapp is suspected of breaking into numerous cabins and leaving behind bullet holes and even threats, police have stated. He was reportedly disenchanted with civilization, and it is believed he vandalized the cabins in order to live off the comfort they provided during the winter before retreating into the forest with stolen supplies.

Cabin owners in the area referred to him as ‘Mountain Man.’

Before his arrest, Knapp was seen via surveillance camera on Oct. 1 in Sanpete County. Warrants in a number of counties were issued for his arrest.

Authorities say Knapp's motives have never been clear but speculated that he was fed up with civilization.

Suu News reported that authorities are currently gathering more evidence.

"I'm excited as hell," Iron County Sheriff Mark Gower said. "We're absolutely stoked about this. It's been a long time coming."

Knapp’s trouble with the law began as early as his teenage years, when he was convicted in Michigan of breaking and entering as well as passing bad checks.



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