Taylor Swift hits up Disney World (Photos)

By Lena Finkel,

Hey, a working girl needs some fun every now and then, too. While on her Red tour, Taylor Swift took a little break to hit up Disney World, and she took her pal Ed Sheeran with her!

On Friday, Swift and friends took a trip to Disney, which inevitably turned into the “best day ever,” according to the singer.

Swift tweeted:

Despite the two constantly rejecting claims of a romance, Sheeran and Swift sure do look great together.

Swift and her crew hit up all parts of the park and even took a trip to the Animal Kingdom. She captioned the following picture as, “Animal Kingdom. This giraffe situation.”

The singer definitely deserves a little fun, since she’s been working so hard on tour. According to MStarz, Swift’s tour has been more than successful and has completely out-sold ex John Mayer’s “Born and Raised” tour in a 57:1 ratio and Joe Jonas’ Jonas Brothers tour in a 19:1 ratio.

Swift’s tour will continue across the United States until late September, ending in Nashville, Tennessee.

Image: Twitter



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