TBS to keep 'Conan' around till 2015

By Steven Mitchell,

This is not an April Fool’s joke people; Team Coco is staying put on TBS.

According to TV.com, TBS announced Monday that they will keep the red-headed Conan O’Brien and his late night talk show, Conan, until November 2015. With O’Brien bringing in the youngest median aged audience than any other late night talk show host, the signing was simple.

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“When we invited Conan O'Brien to come to TBS, we knew he would bring with him a passionately loyal following of young adults,” said TBS' programming chief, Michael Wright. “Conan and his colleagues at Team Coco have gone far beyond that by making CONAN the top late-night brand in the digital arena. We are proud to extend our relationship with Conan as he continues to forge the future of late night. I just wish we didn’t decide to tell him on April Fools' Day.”

TBS brought O’Brien on the network in 2010, after a scuffle with NBC and Jay Leno for the 11:35 p.m. time slot, reports The Los Angeles Times. Conan grabs 906,000 viewers a night, but TBS doesn’t see that as an issue.

The median age for Conan is 39, which is much younger than those who tune into Leno or David Letterman. But in terms of ratings, there is a huge difference when compared to some shows.

Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart averages close to 2.6 million a night and The Colbert Reports hits almost 1.9 million an episode. Those two shows are No.1 and 2 for the 18-34 demographic.

This is one giant step for the ginger community.

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