Ted Danson trying to get President Obama to save whales and dolphins

By T.J. Murray,

Ted Danson is best known for his role in the classic television series Cheers. But recently, the star has turned his attention to preventing an eco-unfriendly oil searching technique.

#TedDanson sustituye a #LaurenceFishburne al frente del repar... on Twitpic

According to Ecorazzi, Danson is imploring Obama to prevent the use of sonic searches for oil under the ocean using airguns that could kill upwards of over 100,000 whales and dolphins. The airguns are louder than 100,000 jet engines and will be fired at a rate of once every 10 seconds for a period of months.

Some Florida lawmakers support Danson's plea. According to Florida Today, the ecological impact of the airguns will translate into unemployment for many of the fishing-industry employees in the state.

Florida Today also reports that some environmentalists fear that the allowance of such activity in the oceans is the first step in a wider approach to drill for oil. Hearkening to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, they claim that a dangerous precedent is being set.

Ecorazzi explains that Danson has to get 100,000 signatures on a petition within 30 days in order to require a White House response.

Image from Twitpic.com.



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