'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham signs sex tape deal with raunchy title

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham has inked a deal with Vivid Entertainment to sell her sex tape for close to one million dollars.

Sources tell TMZ that Abraham and Vivid’s Steve Hirsch have come to an agreement despite her claims that she was considering offers from other outlets.
Abraham previously expressed that the sex tape, which costars porn pro James Deen, was for her personal use but did note that she would release it for $2 million.

She later slammed her costar for opening his mouth and divulging too many details. Deen revealed that he was approached by Abraham’s team for the sole purpose of making a porno and made it known that the two are not dating.

Last week, the young mom was spotted walking into Vivid Entertainment with her father and daughter to potentially hash out a deal.

According to TMZ, the film will be released under the title Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom. The video is 70 minutes long. It is unclear when the tape will hit the shelves.



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