Top 10 Characters We Want To See on ‘Once Upon A Time’

By Sari N. Kent,

ABC's Once Upon A Time has given viewers a bunch of characters from cherished fairy tales and Disney classics so far and given their lives a new and interesting spin. But, there are some characters yet to come to Storybrooke and mix it up with its fairy tale residents. Here is a list of characters we would like to see on Once Upon A Time!

10. ‘Ariel’ from The Little Mermaid: Given Storybrooke is a seaside town, shouldn’t everyone’s favorite mermaid pay Storybrooke a visit? She could wash up on shore or just appear in Storybrooke with legs only to be revealed as Ariel later, who knows? With her incredible singing voice and fiery spirit to go along with her hair, she’d be a welcome addition to the magic that is Storybrooke.

9. “Beast” from Beauty and the Beast: Belle is already a Storybrooke resident, though she has no recollection of her fairy tale past at the moment or her love for Rumple. Well, wouldn’t it be an interesting love triangle if the “Beast” came to Storybrooke? He could be a man AND a Beast, kind of like Ruby is both a girl and a werewolf. He could morph into the “Beast” at a certain time, come to Storybrooke looking for Belle and try to win her love while she’s still oblivious to her love for Rumple and her fairy tale identity. He’d definitely be a treat for the show’s makeup people, don’t you think?

8. “Wendy” from Peter Pan: There’s been tons of speculation that Tamara could be Wendy since Hook and Smee have already come to town. Yet, I’ve heard rumblings that Tamara ISN’T Wendy, so why not bring the actual Wendy to Storybrooke? How about Wendy falling for Hook since we’ve yet to see Peter Pan? Wouldn’t that be one heck of a twist?

7. “Genie” from Aladdin: What’s a magical town without a genie? Gold’s shop is full of magical trinkets - maybe buried in there is Genie’s lamp? Wouldn’t it be cool if when Henry gets back to Storybrooke, he goes rummaging through Gold’s (who he’s just discovered id his grandfather) shop and comes upon the lamp and rubs it? Or maybe someone else, less wholesome than Henry finds the lamp? Someone good or evil with three wishes to spare could tip the scales in Storybrooke for sure, plus think of the special effects!

6. “Aladdin” from Aladdin: What’s the genie without Aladdin? Storybrooke could use another hunky guy and we know Aladdin can take care of himself, he’s the original “street rat.” He could help Snow and Charming in their quest to defeat Regina or maybe come in search of Genie’s lamp?

5. “Tinkerbell” from Peter Pan: We already have the Blue Fairy so what’s one more sprite between friends? She could fly into Storybrooke looking for Peter Pan and find Hook instead? Maybe she’s full grown in the real world and morphs into Tinkerbell once she crosses Storybrooke’s town line? We know there’s fairy dust in Storybrooke, so just think of the possibilities!

4. “Jasmine” from Aladdin: If we get Aladdin, Jasmine can’t be far behind. He promised her “A Whole New World,” and doesn’t Storybrooke qualify? Maybe Jasmine’s learned a thing or two and can kick *ss like Mulan? One thing’s for sure, she’d definitely turn heads in Storybrooke!

3. “Jafar” from Aladdin: With Cora gone, Regina could use another person to cook up nefarious deeds with and who better than Jafar? He could come to Storybrooke in search of Genie’s lamp, come upon Regina and become partners with her in destroying the Charmings and everything good in Storybrooke. Maybe even stumble upon Aladdin and Jasmine along the way. Regina and Jafar could definitely deliver some serious magical payback as a team, don’t you think?

2. “Peter Pan” from Peter Pan: Hook is already wreaking havoc in Storybrooke(isn’t he so yummy). But what’s Hook without his mortal enemy, Peter Pan? Since his arrival in the magical town, Once Upon A Time fans have been wondering when “Boy Wonder” will show up for the ultimate showdown? Granted, right now Hook has gone MIA since he appeared in New York chasing after Emma and Rumple and ultimately trying to unsuccessfully kill his “Crocodile.” Wouldn’t Peter Pan’s arrival in Storybrooke be a surefire way to get Hook to resurface?

1. “Ursula” from The Little Mermaid: The ultimate Disney bad girl. Wouldn’t Ursula be a heck of a partner in crime for Regina? With Storybrooke being a seaside town, Ursula could matriculate from the sea or come to town as her human alter ego Vanessa and mesmerize the male residents of Storybrooke with her dark magic. Her turning back into an octopus would be one heck of a challenge for the show’s special effects team, don’t you think? She could come looking for Ariel or just to have some fun wreaking havoc in her own special way. Just hope none of the current Storybrooke residents make any deals with her or they might lose more than they bargained for.



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