Top 10 Kate Winslet Films

By Christopher Rosa,

Kate Winslet is the true definition of a modern film star. Compared to film legends like Bette Davis, Joan Crawford and Meryl Streep, Winslet's talent is undeniable and her impact on the movie industry has been significant. Winslet’s first film, Heavenly Creatures was in the mid-90s. However, she has since remained a constant figure in Hollywood. She was last seen playing Mildred Pierce in the HBO miniseries Mildred Pierce, winning Winslet her first Emmy.

Winslet's range is incredible, as she has starred in everything from children's animated romps to the emotionally dark and sexually explicit. Probably best known for Titanic (yes, that made our list too!), Winslet's filmography is vast, golden and truly noteworthy. With so many of her films to choose from, it was difficult to come up with a definitive list. However, here are ten films that we feel most accurately represent Winslet's film legacy.



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