Top 10 Songs of the '90s

By Jennifer Lande,

For those of us in our early 20s, I’m sure we all miss those cheesy '90s songs that we all grew up listening to on our walkmans and cassette tapes. While we may be hesitant to admit it, these songs are still just as good and maybe even more fun to listen to now. Growing up, listening to Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys and BBMak was the cool thing to do, and I think it still is. Next time you make a playlist, put some of your favorite 90s songs on there along with your new Katy Perry pop or dub-step tune and rock out to the '90s. Whether we like it or not, these songs are catchy and awesome, so we’ll probably be belting out these songs with our friends for the rest of our lives.



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