Top 7 Dexter Sex Scenes

By Allison Cordaro,

This story contains graphic images not intended for young readers.

Although people may not expect America’s favorite serial killer to have much of a sex life, there are some very steamy scenes from Showtime’s hit show, Dexter. In the first season, we see Dexter’s relationship with Rita, a woman he chose because she was just as broken as he is, heat up. Things get a little bit more complicated when Dexter’s psychotic, NA sponsor comes on the scene, but the fire in their relationship is hard to stifle. Throughout the rest of the series, Dexter has brief but powerful sexual encounters ending with Hannah McKay, a woman with whom Dexter can be entirely himself. As you can imagine, the sex between two serial killers gets pretty steamy. Here is a top 7 list of the sexiest moments on Dexter.



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