Viral Video Watch: Froggy Fresh combines intrigue, emotion, and poor rapping to become Youtube superstar

By T.J. Murray,

Froggy Fresh is the mysterious rapper behind a series of hit Youtube music videos featuring his poor rapping skills and awkward best friend.

Almost a year ago, a rapper by the name of Krispy Kreme dropped this music video onto Youtube.

Pretty bad, right? So bad that it's genius. The fast-growing popularity of the mysterious Krispy Kreme generated quite the hype. Slaskstory reported on a possible identity of the enigmatic Krispy Kreme, but his identity is still a mystery.

But then tragedy struck. As reported by The Huffington Post in December, Krispy Kreme claimed that his father had been contacted by the donut company of the same name about the legal ramifications of Krispy Kreme's name choice. After polling his fandom for new name suggestions, Krispy Kreme became Froggy Fresh.

Now Froggy Fresh has over 300,000 followers on Youtube. And his videos tell the emotional story of him and his friend trying to survive as popular rappers. But as Froggy Fresh and Money Maker Mike have discovered, the most important thing to such hardcore musicians is friendship.



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