Viral Video Watch: Honest Trailer makes good fun of 'Harry Potter' franchise

By T.J. Murray,

Harry Potter is quite possibly the most popular character invented after the year 1990. A new YouTube video, one in a series of similar trailers, boils down the eccentricities of the films to a laughable highlight reel.

Screenjunkies is a username on YouTube controlled by a myriad of entertainment people. They produce different satirical projects including the Honest Trailers of all sorts of movies. They are almost all worth the watch.

But the Harry Potter Honest Trailer is exceptional, especially if you have a passion for the series.

J.K. Rowling's masterful world of wizards and witches was recently the subject of ridicule. On Friday, Jezebel posted a story about a Chinese poet blasting Rowling for mismanaging one of the minorities found in the Harry Potter world. Cho Chang, Harry's love interest for a few of the books, is named erroneously, the poet claims. Apparently, Cho Chang is two Korean last names slapped together to sound Chinese.



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