The Voice: Knockout Rounds continue with Team Usher and Team Blake

By Chelsea Lewis ,

The knockout rounds continued on The Voice. Tonight Team Blake and Team Usher finalized their teams for the live shows. The knockout rounds pair two members of the same team against each other. Each vocalist sings a song of their choice and then it is up to the coach to pick whom they will advance to the live shows. Last night, Team Shakira and Team Adam completed their teams.

The first knockout pairing was Savannah Berry and Justin Rivers from Team Blake. Berry chose to perform Justin Bieber’s “As Long As You Love Me,” but infused the song with a country twist. Rivers decided to sing “The Climb,” by Miley Cyrus. Usher started off the comments by saying that Berry picked a great song and that she can transcend country music but he would give that round to Rivers. Shakira added she would also give the round to Rivers. The decision was now up to Shelton. Shelton chose to advance Rivers to the live shows.

The first knockout pairing for Team Usher was Josiah Hawley and Jess Kellner. Hawley took on the Amy Winehouse classic, “Back to Black.” Kellner sang, “Give Me Something,” by James Morrison. Levine said that the vocalists should have switched songs but this was the best that he had heard Kellner perform. Shelton said that Hawley’s performance was bit calculated and that Kellner had a soulful performance. In the end Usher chose to keep Hawley on his team and advance him to the live shows.

Following a dynamic round, Team Blake took the stage again. Shelton chose to have Luke Edgemon and Holly Tucker against each other. Tucker chose to sing a classic Tim McGraw song, “Live Like You Were Dying.” Edgemon chose to put his own twist on Katy Perry’s, “Teenage Dream.” Usher said that Tucker gave a stellar performance and that it was hard for people to connect with Edgemon’s version of “Teenage Dream.” Shakira added that she would give this round to Edgemon. Levine said that he likes Tucker but he really liked how Edgemon transformed that Katy Perry song. Shelton was left with a hard decision but he chose to advance Tucker to the live shows.

Next up for Team Usher was Audrey Karrasch against Michelle Chamuel. Karrasch took on Lil Wayne’s “How To Love,” which was covered in this fashion originally by Demi Lovato. Chamuel took on Pink’s hit single, “Raise Your Glass.” Shakira was impressed that Chamuel had such energy on stage. Levine said that he would give this round to Chamuel but both vocalists did a great job. Shelton added that Karrasch had a few scattered problems where as Chamuel was acting like she had just won the lottery on stage. It all came down to Usher who decided to pick Chamuel to advance to the live shows and represent Team Usher.

The next knockout pairing for Team Blake was Danielle Bradbery against Taylor Beckham. Bradbery chose to perform Carrie Underwood’s single, “Jesus Take The Wheel.” Beckham picked “Russian Roulette,” by Rihanna. Usher said that Beckham’s song selection didn’t give her enough space to showcase all of her talent. Shakira added that Bradbery never seems nervous when she performs. Levine said that Bradbery is natural. Shelton had a tough decision on his hands and chose to advance Bradbery to move onto the live shows.

Usher’s second to last pairing for the knockout rounds was C. Perkins going up against Vedo. Perkins chose to perform, “She Ain’t You,” by Chris Brown. Vedo chose a song in honor of his later mother, “Everything I Do,” by Bryan Adams. Shakira started out the comments by saying that Perkins had a beautiful tone to his voice but Vedo dedicated himself to the task of singing. Levine said that Vedo sang in a new style that everyone hasn’t heard yet and this was a moment Vedo took from Perkins. Shelton said he would give the round to Vedo. The decision came down to Usher who chose to have Vedo represent Team Usher in the live shows.

The final pairing for Team Blake was Grave Askew going up against The Swon Brothers. Askew chose to sing, “I Just Can’t Stand The Rain,” by Tina Turner. The Swon Brothers, a duo, picked “Drift Away,” to perform during the knockout round. Usher that Askew is a very unique talent but maybe the guitar playing was a distraction and that The Swon Brothers moved the entire audience. Usher gave that round to The Swon Brothers. Shakira said that Askew would give a different flavor to Team Blake. Levine said that what is great about The Swon Brothers is that each person knows what to do in the duo. After much deliberation, Shelton chose to have The Swon Brothers advance to the live shows.

Usher’s last knockout round was a pairing between Ryan Innes and Cathia. Cathia chose to perform Kelly Clarkson’s hit, “Mr. Know It All.” Innes chose to sing, “I Don’t Wanna Be,” by Gavin DeGraw. Shakira said that Cathia had confidence and great vocal range, in regards to Innes, Shakira said that he had a few great moments. Levine said that he didn’t hear the grit as much in Innes voice. Shelton said that he was more impressed with Cathia in this knockout. The final decision came down to Usher and the last spot on his team went to Cathia, who advances to the live shows.

The live shows start next week on NBC. The power shifts from the coaches to America.

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