Warner Bros. wants Bradley Cooper for The Flash?

By Steven Mitchell,

What day doesn’t go by when a Justice League movie rumor comes about?

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According to We Got This Covered, Warner Bros. reportedly has interest in Oscar-nominee Bradley Cooper playing The Flash in their troubled Justice League movie. Nothing, of course, is official.

This doesn’t come as a surprise, as there were rumors years ago with the actor close to playing The Flash in a standalone movie, but Cooper has always denied such reports. Warner Bros. on the other hand supposedly has a strong interest in Cooper playing the superhero.

Don’t think he’s superhero material? The studio brought Cooper in to audition for The Green Lantern and came close, but lost out to Ryan Reynolds, reports Movie Pilot.

With the new Superman movie, Man of Steel due out soon, the studio seemed to be looking for big talent to headline the ensemble. Warner Bros. is still looking to add Christopher Nolan for behind the scenes and Christian Bale to suit up as the Dark Knight again.

“They’re scared, they are starting to doubt the whole project,” said a source close to production. “Man of Steel is looking to be a hit but they still have doubts about Justice League. That’s why they’re trying to bring in some big names to make sure this thing gets off the ground. I heard that they’ve been talking to Bradley again for the role of The Flash. They want some big talent to headline this thing because right now the film is in trouble.”

Cooper told IGN.com that he hasn't heard anything about the Flash.

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