'Welcome To The Punch' Review

By Drew Barile,

James McAvoy and Mark Strong star in this entertaining shoot-em-up film.

The movie overall is successful, as McAvoy and Strong bring seriousness to their characters with strong facial features and gritty personalities. The film, plot wise, was predictable and underdeveloped. Despite those aspects, the film was a success because of the two great actors, amazingly vivid colors and scenery and gun fights.

The film runs for 99 minutes, which is not long for most movies, but I feel this movie is a few minutes too long, filled with slow, drawn-out, unnecessary scenes that were aimed at contrasting the fast and quick shooting scenes. Also the film is lacking rich or witty dialogue, it is all but nonexistent.

Regardless, the actions scenes are colorful and blood pumping, which is the film's true strength that ultimately justifies watching it. The movie also stars Andrea Riseborough (Oblivion), David Morrissey (The Walking Dead), Jason Flemying (Snatch), and Peter Mullan (War Horse). The film, as you have read, includes many talented and known actors/actress.

Welcome To The Punch is about Max (McAvoy), a headstrong and tough London Cop who has been chasing a infamous criminal Jacob Sternwood (Strong), later to realize there is more going on in the world than Sternwood. I won't spoil the film for anyone.

This flick is good for a rainy day or a weekend movie night. But don't rent it and expect an In Bruges, Seven Psychopaths or Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels type of film. Welcome To The Punch is a good film, but slightly predictable and could use more interesting dialogue. Go into this flick to see some great scenery and fun gun fights, but that is all that can be promised.

Watch the trailer below and decide:



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