'Amazing Race' Finale Recap: "A Beacon of Hope" PART I

By Lauren DuBois,
Teams race through Ireland for the chance to be in the final leg

Teams started making their way (first by train, then by ferry) to Belfast, Northern Ireland, where they would drive to a Park to receive their next clue. Despite the three-hour gap between the other teams and the roller moms, waiting for the ferry was a great equalizer, not departing until 7:30 AM.

Once in Belfast, Max and Katie and Bates and Anthony arrived at Peatlands park first, because Mona and Beth and Caroline and Jennifer went the wrong way. Here. They encountered a Road Block, where one team member would have to go Bog Snorkeling. The team member (Anthony, Katie, Jen and Mona) would have to cannonball into a pit of mud and complete a 100-meter lap in under four minutes.

Anthony finished on his first run in 2 minutes, and he and Bates left first, heading back to Belfast to find “A Thing with a Ring,” a statue in the city. Katie finished second, taking 3 minutes, and she and Max were on their way next. Mona also finished in one run, but freaked out about being in the mud. Jen was the last one to do the Road Block, and did not succeed in her first run, suffering from claustrophobia. Wanting to give up, she received a pep talk from Caroline, finishing in just under the four minute time limit.

Max and Katie encountered the detour at “The Thing with a Ring” first. In “Tray It,” Teams would have to prepare and serve 5 courses of actual dishes served on the Titanic correctly to five passengers on the boat. In “Spray It,” teams had to finish one side of a piece of graffiti art, using only a photo as reference. Max and Katie, Mona and Beth, and Bates and Anthony chose “Tray It.” All made the same mistake of initially missing what the real first course was, but Max and Katie and Bates and Anthony quickly corrected themselves and got on the right path. However, the fifth course did give them both trouble, and for the first time in the entire race, tension arose between the hockey brothers. Mona and Beth did not figure out what the mistake they kept making was, even after Anthony clued them in that there was a master list of the five courses—not just their seating chart. They weren’t sure if they were being tricked by the hockey players, who they knew were not one of their allies. However, after they were the only ones left, they finally realized it wasn’t a trick, and started doing it correctly, winding up officially in third place, but at the skate park, Caroline and Jennifer were directly behind them in 4th. Max and Katie wound up finishing first, and made their way to the Pit stop at Ulster Hall. Bates and Anthony finished next, and took off.

After they finally made it to the statue, Caroline and Jennifer chose “Spray It.” However, they did get lost along the way, causing Caroline to need the pep talk this time. Finally, they made it to the skate park, and began painting, finishing in one try.

The first to check in and officially be in the final leg for a one million dollar prize were Max and Katie, followed one minute behind by Bates and Anthony. With their win, max and Katie won a trip to the Dominican Republic.

In a final race to the Pit Stop, the last team to qualify for the million dollar leg was officially Mona and Beth, and Caroline and Jennifer were eliminated from the race.

Photo Credit: CBS.com



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