Americans like Adele and Taylor Swift, they don’t like Justin Bieber and Chris Brown, poll finds

By Daniel S Levine,

There are polls for everything and the latest study from Public Policy Polling looked at what Americans think about our music stars. Apparently, we don’t like Justin Bieber and Chris Brown, but we love Adele and Taylor Swift.

In the first set of results from PPP’s music poll, which sought opinions from 571 voters earlier this week, Justin Bieber only earned a 20 percent favorability rating and was viewed unfavorably by 54 percent. Brown did even worse, with 57 percent viewing him unfavorably and just 13 percent liking him. Lady Gaga (29-50) didn’t do so well either, but then again, PPP didn’t ask her 37 million Twitter followers.

Those polled really like Swift and Adele. Swift scored a 53 percent favorability rating, while Adele got 54 percent. Justin Timberlake also did well with a 52 percent favorability rating and Beyonce scored 51 percent.

Beyonce did better than her husband. Jay-Z was disliked by 44 percent and only 25 percent liked him. Rihanna also had a 30-39 negative favorability rating.

Because PPP looks at the really important issues, they asked voters which name Snoop Lion should go with. Only 14 percent like his current name, while 56 percent approve of Snoop Dogg. Then, there’s 30 percent who want Snoop Doggy Dogg back.

Rihanna and Chris Brown officially broke up (again) recently, but 8 percent want them back together, while 67 percent say they should stay broken up this time.

Finally, when it comes to JT, 40 percent want him to stick with music, but 22 percent want him to act.

image: NBC



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