Apple-1 computer sells for $671,400

By Sarah Carracher,
The 1976 computer sold to an unknown bidder from the Far East

An Apple-1 home computer from 1976 sold on Saturday to a bidder from the Far East for $671,400, eclipsing the record set by an Apple-1 computer sold in November of 2012.

The set, sold at the Breker auction house in Germany, is one of only six known working Apple-1 computers left.

The computer was hand-assembled and signed by Steve Wozniak, cofounder of Apple, in 1976, according to the Los Angeles Times. The BBC states that the documentation that accompanied the computer was signed by Steve Jobs.

Only 200 Apple-1 computers were ever produced, and only 46 are known to currently exist worldwide, according to Telegraph.

“It’s really the Holy Grail of collectable technology,” said Bob Luther, author of The First Apple.

Uwe Breker, the German auctioneer, commented in an interview, “This really confirms the value of Apple-1’s,” according to the New York Times.

Breker noted that the buyer was a wealthy entrepreneur from the Far East who would like to maintain his anonymity.



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