Billy Idol new music and autobiography in 2014

By Kayla Culver ,

Billy Idol is making new music and writing an autobiography in 2014.

According to Billboard, Idol has been placing new songs “Ghosts” and “Love and Glory” into his recent sets. Idol is playing this year’s Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Manchester, Tenn. next month.

Rolling Stone reported Idol promises a late-night set full of revved-up radio hits. “We’re going to be doing our party set. A lot of the [set] is gonna be ‘Rebel Yell,’ ‘Eyes Without a Face,’ “White Wedding,’ ‘Dancing with Myself,’ ‘Mony Mony’ – the songs people know,” the rocker said.

Once the concert is done, Idol says he is going to sit down with his band and finish a new album since 2006’s Happy Holidays and first original material since 2005’s Devil’s Playgound. The new album is going to be made in the fall Idol said.

Idol is three-quarters the way though his autobiography, Billboard reported.

“It’s sort of my recollections, which is almost a massive joke ‘cause I don’t remember anything. . . I’ve tried to give an overview of my career or my love of music or whatever, my personal way through life, maybe some thoughts about what I’ve done right or wrong in my life. In general it’s a bit of a walk through my career, just said in my own words, really.”

The autobiography is further along than the new album, Idol expresses his thoughts on making new music. He said, “A new song is kind of like an undiscovered country. . . You’re dreaming up this world that is going to exist. It’s just in song shape. I still find it really exciting. . . the day you come up with a killer song you’re just over the moon.”

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