Chris Brown's neighbors outraged over monster art, lawyer says Brown is being harassed

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

A handful of Chris Brown’s neighbors are outraged after seeing monster graffiti painted on the “Forever” singer’s home.

According to CBS Local, Patti Negri, who represents the homeowners near Brown, explains, “I get all the phone calls and I get all the emails. People are just upset by it.”
Brown’s artwork on the outside of his four-story home is against city ordinance and if Brown does not have the graffiti removed he will be fined.

TMZ reports that Brown has already been fined $376.32 by the City after numerous complaints to their city councilman sent an inspector out to survey the graffiti. He will be charged $1,176 if he fails to remove the images in 30 days.

Brown’s attorney, Mark Geragos, says that Brown is the victim of harassment by his neighbors. LA Times quotes Geragos as saying, “"I'm scared of neighborhood busybodies like this…They've called animal control. They have sicced parking [enforcement] on him, and now they reached the heights of ridiculousness here. Shame on them."

Geragos says that Brown’s artwork is protected by his first amendment right and will fight to keep his artwork on the walls.

image: Chris Brown Twitter



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