Conde Nast takes to the Internet

By Ariel Campos,
Magazine company starts video series

Readers of Conde Nast publications have recently asked for more content and Conde Nast is giving them just that. The company, who publishes magazines such as Vogue, Traveller, and Glamor, is heading to the internet to get at their audience in a whole new way.

Although Nast already has content for Wired up and running on YouTube, the company announced Wednesday that it will be starting a Conde Nast Entertainment Division. Their first goals under the new department are to focus on Wired and Vogue. They intend to develop online video, TV shows, and films that are inspired by the brands and style of those two magazines.

Examples of their new projects include shows like Elevator Makeover, wherein a woman gets a makeover during the course of an elevator ride, and an animated series for Wired.

According to The New York Times, Fred Santarpia, the executive vice president and chief digital officer for the newly founded Conde Nast Entertainment Division says that “each brand will have its own mix. This is an extension of what we are doing. We see this as a new business that is not in lieu of but in addition to.”

Nast intends to spread their media works through their partnerships with Yahoo, AOL, and Twitter.

As a few of their publications had already released online content before the birth of their new Entertainment division, you can check out their new videos on Glamor.



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