Dr. Drew Pinsky says Farrah Abraham is making 'horrible choices'

By Danielle Fredette,

Dr. Drew Pinsky, producer of Celebrity Rehab and adviser on Teen Mom reunion specials, has recently expressed concern about Farrah Abraham and her sex tape scandal.

In an interview with Zach Sang and the Gang, Pinsky was asked about 21-year-old Abraham's sex tape, which she sold to Vivid Entertainment recently for close to $1 million.

Pinsky said, "Farrah is making horrible, horrible choices. I have a relationship with her. I care about her. If she had called me for advice, I would have told her not to do this," reports Us Weekly.

He continued, "But she's not my patient, she's not my kid. I don't produce that show, I didn't cast her. I talked to her on a talk show -- where I tried to talk some sense into her, mind you."

However, Abraham herself doesn't see what the big deal is. In a video posted to her Keek account, the Teen Mom stated, "On the real, what would you do? You have been a single mother for four years, off and on dating loser-ass boys who always try to sell information, lie to you, manipulate, and you've just realized you're an awesome person and you deserve someone."

She continued of the tape itself, "So you have companies interested. Why not sell it? That's what I did."

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