First website ever returing to cyberspace to celebrate 20 years of world wide web

By T.J. Murray,

The first website ever popped onto the internet on April 30, 1993. In celebratory fashion, the site is coming back to computers everywhere.

The India Times reports that the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) plans to recreate the first website ever. The goal is to chronicle the first expedition into cyberspace so that future generations can understand how it all came to be.

The India Times reports that the world wide web was originally created by Tim Berners-Lee, a physicist who hoped to share information easily around the globe with other scientists.

The Verge reports that the website will reincarnate at its original URL.

BBC reports that CERN hopes to refocus technological innovators on the ideals which first sparked the web. The most important of those concepts is the free dispersal of information.

Also, according to BBC, CERN's reviving the first web page will increase reverence for the original entrepreneurs who widened the Internet's appeal. While the first website ever won't bring much value to casual users, but the concept behind the project will hopefully echo to future generations.

Image from Tumblr.



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