Food Stamps for pets

By T.J. Murray,

Food stamps are a well known backup plan for families that fall on hard times. But an organization is focusing on an oft-forgotten family member by offering free pet food to those already receiving assistance from the government.

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According to the Wall Street Journal, Mark Okon, a stockbroker and entrepreneur in New York City, started an organization called Pet Food Stamps after hearing stories of people receiving assistants who were unable to feed their animals, as actual Food Stamps cannot be used to purchase pet food. Pet Food Stamps accepts applications from anyone receiving government assistance.

Okon told the Wall Street Journal that the reasoning behind the endeavor is that he does not believe it is right that people should have to choose between eating or feeding their pets. He also cites the absurdity that government issued Food Stamps can be used to purchase soda, but not basic pet food.

CBS News reports that over 160,000 people have applied for the service.

ABC News reports that Pet Food Stamps teams up with Pet Flow to deliver up to six months of pet food to a family.

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