‘General Hospital’ weekly recap: Week of 5/6 – 5/10

By Sari N. Kent,
Luke tracked down Lauren Frank’s mother, Ava Jerome, Ellie decided not to tell Spinelli that Maxie is carrying his baby, Lulu had memory flashes but didn’t tell Dante, Nikolas visited Lulu, hoping to jog her memory, Elizabeth accompanied AJ to New York for his appearance on ‘The Chew’ with the new and improved Pickle-Lila & AJ got ready to appear on ‘The Chew.’

At GH, Patrick entered the exam room as Sabrina yelled at Britt for faking morning sickness and accused her of faking her plan to have an abortion. She asked Patrick to consider if it was so far-fetched. Sabrina rushed out. Patrick followed telling her he had to take Britt's health at face value, then a lab technician handed Patrick Britt’s test results. Sabrina was certain they'd learn Britt was lying. They went back in. and Patrick gave Britt a serious prognosis that could affect both her and the baby's health. Then, she snapped at Sabrina at how she wished she was faking. Outside Sabrina felt bad, but Patrick told her it was okay. Meanwhile, Britt thanked the technician for helping her out and promised he'd get his promotion. Outside at the nurses' station AJ told Elizabeth he'd booked them at a hotel in NY in separate rooms and talked her into coming. He was ecstatic and couldn’t imagine better news until Spinelli arrived and reported that Lauren Frank was in NY.

At the Quartermaine's, Tracy got off the phone with Nikolas and found Luke. Luke reminded her he was busy saving his daughter from certain death. Tracy was about to dismiss Luke for giving up on finding Lauren Frank but Luke told her that he through and had info that the missing heir was in NY. Tracy was happy and didn’t imagine Spinelli could find her. Then, Luke burst her bubble with news that the “bumbling sock-puppet” (aka Spinelli) had the same information. Then, AJ came home and suggested that Tracy get out of the condiment game or perhaps consider calling her relish "Sour Tracy" so the name matched the face. When he left Luke and Tracy alone, Tracy disclosed to Luke about her upcoming ambush of The Chew to promote Pickle-Eddie. Luke wasn't impressed with the partnership with Nikolas. Tracy asked if it had to do with Laura. Luke then defended his recent time spent with Laura as a rescue mission. Tracy reminded him that before he left on an adventure with Laura he interrupted her wedding to Scott and asked if he would stop it a second time.

Laura was leaving The Metro Court with a photo album for Lulu when Scott stopped her. He asked if she still wanted to marry him and if the delay had to do with Lulu or Luke. He told her he was worried about the time she and Luke have had to reminisce. Laura denied that she and Luke used the time for anything but to rescue Lulu. Then, Scott let her go, wishing her well with Lulu. He then found a photo on the floor of Luke and Laura.

Milo finished a workout at his place and gave Lulu a smoothie as thanks for helping. While he was in the shower Nikolas stopped by. She tried to place which brother he was but said Dante hadn't mentioned him. He explained Laura was once married to his father, the man that kidnapped her. Nikolas then asked Lulu why she was there. She shared her worry for Dante. He replied, "If love were easy, wouldn't be much to have it..." Lulu finished his sentence, "Or to lose it." He then asked if she remembered him saying those exact words to her years before. Then, she flashed back to when he first said that to her. Lulu was disappointed when Nikolas had to leave, but he promised to see her when he came back. Alone Lulu worried she wasn't doing enough and cried. Milo held her. Then, Dante and Maxie arrived. Maxie complimented Milo's abs while Dante told him to put clothes on. Maxie and Lulu came face-to-face. She touched Maxie's belly. The baby kicked and Lulu remembered the sonogram, but then the memory faded away. Then, Maxie invited her to go to the doctors suggesting it might help. Lulu remembered what Nikolas said and left with Maxie and Dante. Later, Laura arrived and asked Milo if she could wait for Lulu to return. Milo said she could stay and left. Then, Laura answered a knock on the door and saw Luke.

At the apartment, Ellie listened to Spinelli’s message. Maxie overheard and asked her what she intended to do. Dante arrived and let Maxie know how Lulu was doing. He hoped if Lulu saw Maxie pregnant with her baby it would help her remember. Maxie stared at Ellie. Ellie started to tell Dante something but decided to wish Lulu a quick recovery instead. Maxie then rushed out with Dante before she could say anymore. Then, Spinelli arrived as they left and asked Ellie if there was a problem with the baby. Ellie replied that Maxie had a miscarriage.

Nikolas stopped at Elizabeth's for a surprise visit. She told him that she had worked things out with AJ and was going to NY with him. He replied, "I'm not hurt. I'm jealous." He then told her to have fun in NY and that he’d see her around. AJ picked her up later to leave for NY.

Nikolas picked up Tracy at the Quartermaine's and relayed that they were switching hotels to the one Elizabeth said she was staying at with AJ in NY. "Hotel Central, here we come."

Luke found Laura alone at Milo's. Luke asked if she was ready to “banana-peel it down the aisle with Baldwin.” She confirmed it would happen after Lulu got better. He blasted Scott but Laura reminded him that he'd had worse reviews. Then, they remembered how great they were together. She wondered if they still had something of if it was the adrenaline from their adventure. Luke thought not and kissed her passionately. When she came up for air, she said, “It was familiar but different.” Luke replied that it wasn’t exactly the way he remembered it either. Luke then asked if she remembered an old sweatshirt that Lucky wore all the time even when it didn’t fit him anymore. Then, they realized they didn’t fit anymore. Laura gasped when he added, "It's time to move on." She cried that it was finally over, but asked if she had his blessing. They hugged. Laura gave him a family photo from the album. They kissed goodbye. Outside Luke called and told Tracy he was going after Lauren Frank.

Rafe talked to his mom's spirit at church. Sam asked if he was okay. He confessed to kissing Molly. Sam helped him sort it out thinking he had a crush. She then said she was sure he and Molly could work it out. Then, Rafe got a text back from Molly's phone to meet her at Kelly's. Alone with Danny, Sam talked to Jason. She asked, "Who's there?" when she heard something.

Molly followed text clues to a table at a softly-lit Kelly's dinner. She solved a puzzle spelling out "Will you go to prom with me?" Then, TJ entered with flowers and invited her to prom. Molly replied, "No" and said she didn’t want to answer until they talked. Then, she blurted out that Rafe had kissed her. TJ wanted to kill Rafe. Molly begged TJ to put himself in Rafe's shoes, since they both lost a parent. He then promised not to go after Rafe. She hugged TJ, accepted his invitation to the prom and left. Moly accidentally left her phone, which vibrated and TJ noticed a text from Rafe asking if they could talk. He texted back as Molly and waited. When Rafe arrived TJ punches him and demanded that he stay away from his girlfriend.

Maxi led Dante and Lulu through GH. Lulu told Maxie that she thought she would be hard to forget but still didn’t remember her. Lulu wondered if Maxie worried about becoming attached to the baby. Maxie then realized she left her insurance card at home and stepped out. Alone with Dante, Lulu remembered an intimate moment they shared at GH when they were trying to conceive but Maxie interrupted after finding her insurance card in the car.

At the apartment, Ellie told Spinelli that Maxie had a miscarriage. Spinelli sat down. He wondered if Maxie was faking. Ellie explained it was another child. He asked "Whose baby is it?" All of a Spinelli remembered the night he spent with Maxie and said, "I'm going to be a father." Then, Maxie walked in and asked what Olivia predicted. Spinelli rushed to Maxie's side proclaiming his love and kissed Maxie. Ellie tried to pull him off. Then, Lulu and Dante arrived and Maxie quickly confessed. Lulu slapped Maxie and pulled a gun as Dante tried to hold her back. In a struggle it went off and shot Ellie. Ellie then shook off the dream and realized she was alone with Spinelli. He asked if she was okay. He repeated the question, "Whose baby is she carrying?" Ellie lied and said it was another embryo from Dante and Lulu. He didn’t believe it but thought it explained the way Maxie had been acting. He then promised to keep the secret. He apologized as he rushed off to find Lauren Frank. Later, Ellie told Maxie her secret was safe with her.

At The Metro Court, Lucy asked Scott how she looked. He told her he was worried about Luke and Laura. Lucy suggested Lulu go see Kevin so he could hypnotize her and maybe she’d remember but believed Scott should want to know if Laura loved Luke now before they got married. Scott wondered if he lit a fire beneath them. Lucy found out Kevin wasn’t coming because of another emergency with his patient so she was all dressed up with nowhere to go. Scott invited her to dinner while he waited for Laura. He and Laura returned to The Metro Court later. He said he was sorry Lulu didn't remember anything. She confessed she and Luke said goodbye and wanted to set a wedding date.

In New York, Luke and Spinelli arrived alone at two separate addresses. Spinelli got off the phone with AJ and Luke got off the phone with Tracy. They both thought they'd found Lauren Frank. They both rang the doorbells. Luke was surprised when the door opened and he said, "You're not Lauren Frank." Somewhere else Spinelli said, "Lauren Frank I presume?"

Michael arrived at Carly's to see if there was any news on Morgan. Sonny showed up next to say Morgan's roommate thought he was hiding out with some girl he met online. Michael worried that Morgan could have been “catfished” by an online scammer and that the girl may be someone who was part of the gambling ring. Sonny wanted to get Spinelli involved but, Michael broke the news Spinelli was busy but he said he could call on the FOS, Friends of Spinelli, to find the alleged online girlfriend. Alone Sonny and Carly worried about Morgan.

Tracy followed Nikolas into his hotel room to celebrate thinking Luke would be in touch with Lauren Frank at any moment. She then asked why they were staying at this hotel. He wondered if he had mentioned Elizabeth was also staying there. Tracy got upset and demanded they not be seen. Elsewhere in the hotel, Elizabeth and AJ entered his room. AJ told Elizabeth that Spinelli was about to contact Lauren Frank. Then, they discussed their second chance. Elizabeth explained that she told him about her kiss with Nikolas because she realized full disclosure was the way to go for them to work. AJ thought of his night with Carly and stopped Elizabeth from leaving. He was interrupted by Michael's call. Then, Elizabeth left. She opened the door to her room and found Nikolas taking off his shirt. She sarcastically tried to calculate the odds that he was there on business. He promised to get the hotel to fix the room mix-up. After reminding him that she wanted to give a relationship with AJ a try, Nikolas tried to seduce her but she left to get another room herself. Nikolas told her that at least he could sleep well knowing she wasn’t spending the night with AJ. Meanwhile, AJ left his room to get ice and bumped into Tracy. She swore on her dear father's name that she wasn’t there to promote Pickle-Tracy. She sarcastically wished him luck and left for her room.

Spinelli asked a young woman if she was Lauren Frank. She interrogated him and was surprised he was a P.I. She let Spinelli into her apartment when he said it will be profitable if she did so. He then explained her family connections. She was quiet when he pointed out he believed Franco was her father. He complimented her on possibly being normal. She got the joke knowing her father wasn’t stable. Spinelli then shared recent ELQ activities and what her stake in the company meant for her uncle. He then produced a document for her to sign. She said she couldn’t. She then told Spinelli that a man named Luke Spencer paid her to lie and say she was Lauren Frank. She then relayed Luke's message, "Spinelli, you've just been punked."

Luke told a woman opening her door that she wasn’t Lauren Frank. She asked, "Are you sure about that?" Luke claimed he was looking for someone not as old as her. She was offended at the implication and he clarified that he was looking for someone younger. She claimed not to know Lauren Frank, but Luke offered to make it worth her while and dropped the Quartermaine name. He suggested Lauren was her daughter if her name was Ava Jerome. Ava explained she was an art dealer but didn’t handle the Franco estate. Luke got her to admit more when he repeated what Franco's mother said about her. She recounted the events of meeting Franco and later having his baby who was named Lauren Jerome. Luke corrected her and added Lauren is a Quartermaine. He then updated her on recent ELQ events and the need to find Lauren for Tracy to regain the company from her unstable nephew. He handed her papers to give to Lauren and left. Ava yelled, "You can come out now." A young man came downstairs.

Sam heard something after addressing Jason's spirit in the church. She asks, "Who's there?" She lit the candle that had blown out. She then heard noises again. Alexis entered but claimed she had just arrived when Sam asked if she'd been watching them. Sam shared she felt like she was being watched and always hoped it was Jason. After Alexis, Sam and Danny left, a shadow appeared across the candle-lit floor of the church.

In the hotel lobby, Luke bumped into Spinelli as they asked for Tracy and AJ's rooms respectively. Luke teased the licensed PI and cyber genius admitting he was in Betsy Frank's kitchen when Spinelli visited her. Spinelli was upset at being decoyed but eager to find out how he played her.

Upstairs, Elizabeth brought AJ bagels. He told he was frustrated that Tracy was there too. Elizabeth found it odd and shared that Nikolas was there too. AJ informed her that they were partners and planned to sabotage him. Elizabeth tried to stop him from going after Nikolas. Then, Spinelli arrived and Elizabeth left them to go talk to Nikolas. Spinelli broke the news that Luke tricked him. AJ dropped to the floor with a panic attack. Meanwhile, Nikolas let Tracy in his room. She chastised him for giving them up to AJ. She then relayed that she duped AJ, telling him she was no Pickle-Tracy. Tracy couldn’t concentrate with all the ink on Nikolas' half-naked body and left. Then, Elizabeth stormed in and discovered Nikolas had been lying by omission. They argued over the series of events. She then told him that she had moved on and but he hasn't. He confessed the regrets he had after getting shot. One was not being with her. She was disappointed that he thought he could get her by lying. Elizabeth then asked Nikolas not to bully AJ and begged him not to do The Chew. She then returned to AJ's room and stopped Spinelli from doing CPR on AJ, who calmed down and apologized for scaring Spinelli, who left post haste. AJ then told Elizabeth that Luke found the missing heir. She explained that she tried to talk Nikolas out of doing The Chew. He fretted about having no one on his side but, Elizabeth reminded him, "I'm on your side." Downstairs, Tracy met Luke, who admitted that he didn't find her great-niece, but he did find her mother. Luke shared Ava's story but confessed that he didn't get the location of his target.

Tracy believed Ava must have her own angle to cash in. Luke didn’t think Ava can be bought, claiming she already lives in some fine digs. Tracy was done debating and decided to fetch the dissolute prince. She then said she took comfort in knowing AJ wasn't any closer to the heir. Outside Nikolas' room, Tracy banged on the door as he reflected on Elizabeth's words, "If you really love me then you're going to back off AJ." Nikolas then opened the door and told Tracy they weren’t going on The Chew.

Michael waited at Carly's. They decided to get in touch with the FOS hacker. Woodrow arrived and frustrated Carly with his cyber-speak but he said he found one person Morgan was in contact with the most, a college girl or someone really good at pretending to be one. Her poker handle was Jerome Around the World (JATW). Woodrow gave them a copy of all their correspondence. JATW said she felt responsible for Morgan's trouble after encouraging him to keep betting. Carly and Michael read until they found her request for Morgan to text her so she could tell him where to find her. Woodrow admitted he couldn’t hack into JATW's account but believed that in life as in hacking there were an infinite number of possibilities. He thought Morgan could be okay.

Sonny got off the phone with Shawn at his office when Olivia arrived. He let her know that he and Michael were working everyone they knew to find Morgan. He asked her to go see Johnny but she told him she already did and didn’t believe she can learn any more. Later, Carly brought Sonny the information Woodrow found.

At her apartment, Ava Jerome asked Morgan if he slept okay. He accepted a cup of coffee and admitted he didn't after her surprise visitor came the night before. She assured him that caller was there about her daughter. Morgan guessed his family was worried since he had received a lot of messages. Ava begged him to call them. He played his messages. Sonny offered money and wanted Morgan safe at home. Ava thought he should let his father help. Morgan said he didn’t want to get bailed out by Sonny, that he was an adult and should handle this on his own. She reminded him that he had a family that cares and “not everyone is so fortunate.” She got ready to leave on a business trip and told Morgan he could stay. He helped her out the door and thanked her for everything. Ava said she enjoyed having him there and asked him to contact his family again after she thought how worried she'd be if it were her daughter. She left and Morgan looked at a picture of his family, then he called Michael.

At Carly's Michael looked at a family picture when Morgan called his cell.

Sam found Rafe sneaking around the penthouse in sunglasses. She removed them and saw his shiner. He denied getting punched but Sam knew it wasn't an accident. She wanted to see Shawn about it, but Rafe asked her not to and left.

At Kelly's, TJ remembered hitting Rafe. Molly joined him, happy he had her phone. He deleted his messages to Rafe before giving it back to her. She told him she was disappointed she wasn’t popular enough to get a single text while it was missing. Outside, Anna overheard Carly on the phone and asked if she's okay. Carly told Anna that Morgan was missing. Anna said she’d help but it was out of her jurisdiction. She advised Carly to hire a PI. Back inside, Duke met Anna with a jar of Pickle-Lila for lunch. She congratulated him on his success. He was quite pleased with himself and responded, "Getting The Chew is quite a coup." She tuned out his chatter while enjoying the relish, even though she said it wasn’t quite like she remembered. Nearby, Molly talked non-stop about the prom. She asked TJ what was wrong. He was about to tell her when Rafe arrived. Rafe explained that kids from the group home jumped him when Molly saw his shiner. She was about to tell Anna when TJ fessed up to hitting Rafe. Molly apologized thinking it was her fault. Then, the truth about the deleted messages came out. Molly asked, "Who would do something so shady?" TJ's responses angered Molly more. She told him to find another date to prom. Meanwhile, Duke asked Anna how to twitter. She corrected him saying it's tweet and asked Duke to never change with a kiss.

In Nikolas’ room, Tracy announces she was ready for her close-up. She was mad when she found out Nikolas’ unrequited love was affecting his decision to do The Chew and broke off their partnership. Then, two body guards stopped her from leaving. Nikolas confiscated her phone and left her guarded. Tracy spun a tale of riches for her captors that Prince Cassadine will soon not be able to afford. They refused the temptation and suggested she catch the great segment on The Chew about the relish they’d heard about. Tracy collapsed on the bed and talked to Edward's spirit. She told him she was sorry for missing the point of his gift and asked for his forgiveness. Tracy then heard two thumps outside the door and found the two big bodyguards passed out on the floor. She exclaimed, "What in the name of Richard Simmons went on here?" She thanked Edward for divine intervention and ran off promising to knock their crocks off.

Elizabeth and AJ arrived at the studio. She remembered thinking how she almost wrote him off as a jackass before the Nurses' Ball. To himself, AJ could only remember what happened between him and Carly. A producer met them and explained the segment wouldn’t work without the competition for a taste off when he realized Tracy was missing. Elizabeth calmed AJ thinking Nikolas must have gotten through to Tracy. When AJ was off getting prepped for the show, Nikolas arrived and caught Elizabeth sneaking scrumptious cookies into her purse. She was upset to see him but was speechless when he told her he stopped Tracy because she asked him to. He said he was certain AJ would crash and burn on his own and believed AJ was already hiding something. Nikolas planned on being there when AJ fell so he could win Elizabeth over. AJ returned and announces the show was about to start.

At Carly's, Michael answered a call from Morgan and wondered where he was. Morgan was nonchalant and asked, "Did you miss me?" He was surprised everyone knew about his gambling debt, including Sonny, but said he was handling it. Michael got angry when Morgan made a joke out of the situation. Michael knew Sonny could help him but Morgan said he wanted to handle things alone. Michael suggested they solve the problem together as brothers. Morgan refused the offer. Michael then shared his worry about JATW. Morgan was then interrupted by a text.

Carly visited Sam to ask for help. Sam agreed to help and asked Carly to start from the beginning. Carly told her everything. After getting up to speed Sam had Carly punch Morgan's number in her phone. She decided to be Jerome Around the World (JATW). He texted Sam back that he was talking to his bro. Carly and Sam left for Carly's but by the time they arrived Michael was gone.

At Ava's two guys showed up and beat up Morgan.



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