"Hangover" star Ken Jeong helps sick passenger on flight

By Dylan Parent,

Ken Jeong, star of The Hangover , lept into action on an airplane to aid a sick passenger.

Jeong, well-known for his comedy roles in films and television shows such as Community and Knocked Up, worked at a hospital in California for seven years before becoming famous. Although Jeong has kept his medical license up to date, the passenger struggled to believe Jeong had actual medical training.

“(The man said) ‘You’re no doctor. Get outta here. You’re Mr. Chow!’” the actor recounted of the in-flight encounter. According to Chron, Jeong was asked to help a patient who was struggling with vertigo.

“I still love medicine. I don’t ever want to give up that side of me,” Jeong added. “The ability to assess and listen, I think it makes me a better comedian.”

Jeong has had tremendous success with his comedy, most notably in The Hangover franchise. In the first film, Jeong’s character, Mr. Chow, bursts onto the screen naked from inside the trunk of a car. The nudity, Jeong tells Us Weekly was his decision.

"It was a character choice, not a personal choice,” Jeong explained, adding that he also asked his wife for permission, “And my wife said, teasing me, 'I guarantee this will be the feel-good movie of the summer because every guy will go home feeling good about themselves.' This is my wife talking -- this is my boo."

Though Jeong’s wife was playing into an Asian stereotype, the actor says he does not indulge directors looking for him to read with an accent.

“Every Asian actor has to read a role…or has played a role that has required an accent….,” Jeong says, “That's just the way it is and that's fine, but, for me, it's my job to make fun of that stereotype and the stupid roles that are supplied to us…. Chow, to me, was my response to that."

The Hangover Part III is in theaters now.

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