How the 'Doctor Who' finale was almost spoiled and then saved

By T.J. Murray,

Doctor Who is all about the twists, turns, and surprises. For the show's multitudes of fans, that aspect of the season finale, which aired last night, was in grave jeopardy. Luckily, thanks to the quick reaction of the show's producers and the integrity of some fans, spoilers did not ruin the episode.

'Doctor Who' returns: New episode title, image unve... on Twitpic

As reported by The Guardian, fans in America, who had ordered the series on Blu-Ray, received their discs three weeks early. This included the highly anticipated series finale, "The Name of the Doctor." Then, not one of them leaked the episode's big reveals.

Mashable reports that the leaks were prevented in large part due to the show's producers calling out for help via social media. But, even better than pleas, the series' showrunner, Steven Moffat, made an astounding promise: a lack of spoilers would be greeted with an interview of Matt Smith and David Tennant. The two are scheduled to star in November's 50th Anniversary Special. Here is that interview:

Meanwhile, in completely unsurprising news, the series has been picked up for its eight season since the 2005 relaunch. Just Jared reports that the 8th season will begin filming by next year and will feature Matt Smith in the role of the Doctor.

Image from Twitpic.com.



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