Jason Sudeikis says he still hasn’t made up his mind about returning to ‘Saturday Night Live’ (Video)

By Daniel S Levine,

Jason Sudeikis was on The View to talk about the new animated film Epic, but Barbara Walters couldn’t resist asking him about his future on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. The comedian’s future on the show is still unknown and even Sudeikis said he’s not sure if he’ll be back in the fall or not.

Last week, the New York Post reported that Fred Armisen was definitely leaving after this season, while Sudeikis will “probably” not return. Bill Hader has officially announced that he’s not coming back and Seth Meyers will only be back for half a season before he takes over Late Night from Jimmy Fallon.

“Yeah, well, I mean...You never leave the show,” he told Walters when asked, reports E! News. “You never leave the show, I really believe that I think these last few weeks have shown that, with [Kristen Wiig] coming back to host, [Mya Rudolph's] been back.”

But Walters kept pressing for an answer and Sudeikis joked that he was honored to be hard balled by the legendary journalist, who is retiring next year.

“I don't know. I sincerely don't know at this point,” he said. “I gotta deal with saying goodbye to some near, dear friends that are definitely leaving and get that out of my head and go on vacation a little bit and mull it all over.”

After Walters said that she wished he would stay on SNL, he replied, “I appreciate that, thank you very much. Likewise! If you stay, I'll stay, how about that?”

Epic hits theaters this weekend. Sudeikis also stars in We’re The Millers alongside Jennifer Aniston.

image: ABC



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