Justin Bieber Attacked on Stage while performing in Dubai (Video)

By Gabrielle Washington,

While performing his song, “Believe" Sunday evening in Dubai, Justin Bieber's security guards were on full alert when a crazed fan ran on stage, grabbing the young pop star from behind.

According to TMZ, a fan was able to get past security and grab Bieber from behind pulling him back through his performance. Of course, Not too far behind, Bieber’s body guards were on high alert, tackling the screaming fan down to the ground.

The National had said that the young, 19-year-old pop star, continued performing that night, acting as though nothing had ever happened.

The piano, however, had absolutely no chance of survival after it had fallen to the ground during the fan and security guard’s troubling scuffle.

After a three minute break to regroup, Justin went back on stage to perform an encore performance and ended the night with his hit song “Baby,” and his popular single “Boyfriend.”



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