Kickstarters from 'Criminal Minds' star Shemar Moore and 'Girls' Zosia Mamet fail

By Daniel S Levine,

It’s starting to look like Kickstarter is not an error-free idea for every celebrity. Criminal Minds actor Shemar Moore and Girls actress Zosia Mamet are the latest to learn the negatives of Kickstarter.

Variety reported that Moore’s project had only collected $75,000 from 384 backers in its first four days. The actor is trying to fund the film The Bounce Back and, since the Variety report, is up to $112,800 from 690 backers with 23 days to go.

Moore recruited Youssef Delara (Filly Brown) to direct his project, which is set to be a romantic comedy. Based on the project’s lack of immediate success, he better not quit his day job as Criminal Minds’ Derek Morgan.

Meanwhile, Mamet is trying to fund a music video with her half-sister, Clara. The two perform as The Cabin Sisters and say they need $32,000 to make the video. Only 20 people have backed it, donating a total of $1,039.

As International Business Times notes, the project was quickly derided by sites like Gawker, especially since the two are the daughters of acclaimed playwright and screenwriter David Mamet.

The failure of both projects to go viral on social media mirrors Melissa Joan Hart’s failure to raise money for Darci’s Walk of Shame earlier this month. She cancelled the project after raising just $51,605.

So far, Kickstarter has led to two successes in Hollywood - Zach Braff’s Wish I Was Here and the Veronica Mars film.

image: CBS



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