Lindsay Lohan enters Betty Ford after firing Mark Heller and rehiring Shawn Holley

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Lindsay Lohan is resting comfortably at the Betty Ford Center after barely making the court ordered deadline.

As we previously reported, Lohan was spotted on the grounds of Morningside Recovery, an unlicensed treatment facility. The troubled actress never officially checked into rehab and was reportedly attempting to fly back to New York before being talked down by her father Michael Lohan.

Now, after firing lawyer Mark Heller for telling a judge that his client was “safely in the bosom” of Morningside, New York Daily News reports, Lohan went running back to former lawyer Shawn Holley in the hopes she would clean up the mess he left behind.

Daily News notes that Holley worked “all night” to ensure that Lohan would avoid jail time.

Terry White, a Santa Monica City Attorney, explained, “Ms. Lohan fulfilled her obligation to enroll in a rehab facility on May 2, so this office will not be seeking an arrest warrant from the court today.”

Michael told the Daily News that Lohan was allowed her cigarettes, but not her cell phone in rehab. He also explained the pain he is going through imagining the Mean Girls actress going through detox. “I can see her right now, bundled up in a blanket, shaking, feeling like she wants to rip out of her skin….I literally want to cry thinking of my daughter in that position.”

image: INFDaily



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