Mad Men Episode 7 "The Crash" Recap

By Ezekiel Hernandez,
Don loses his mind and much more.

The firm is having problems with the new Chevy account. The company gave them three years of monthly deadlines, and Chevy asked for a new packet on Tuesday. This prompts Don and a small crew to stay over the weekend to work.

Frank Gleason of the former Cutler Gleason Chaogh has died of cancer. This leaves Ted Chaough distraught and he stays out of the office for most of the weekend.

During this same weekend, Betty takes Don's kids to the city for their time at his apartment. The only problem is Don is going to be at work and so is Megan.

Before he headed out to work, Don was hanging out in the hallway he always met Sylvia in. She calls him at work about it and chews him out after she found a pile of his cigarettes outside the door.

Sylvia sounds convinced that their little fling is over. This has Don very upset and it seems to ruin his day.

A doctor is in the office, and he's giving the employees a "proprietary" injection that is supposed to be a vitamin shot that leaves people in a zone of concentration for over 24 hours.

Don and Cosgrove and others who are staying working on Chevy all take the injection, and after a while it has everyone acting crazy.

Don, now having cut his affair with Sylvia, has a frozen moment when he seems to fall in love with Ted Chaough's secretary. She leaves for the weekend, so we'll see more about her later.

Back at Don's place, Sally, his daughter, is the only one watching the rest of the kids, and in the evening while everyone is still gone, she hears a noise in the kitchen and goes out to investigate. There's a big black woman with a big bag snooping around the kitchen. Sally confronts her and the lady tries to talk her way out of it, saying she's her grandmother.

While the intruder is in Don's room looking for his gold watches, Sally calls the cops, and the lady catches her and heads out the door.

Don is still out working all night, and he kept having flashbacks to his time as a kid at the whorehouse. It is after one of these flashes that he has an epiphany of sorts and starts typing some copy up. At the end of his working binge it turns out it has nothing to do with Chevy.

Don finally heads home in a craze and is talking to himself in the hallway. When he opens the door Betty, Megan and the rest of the family are in the living room with two cops. When they explain that they were burglarized while the kids were home, he faints.

Don is on the phone with his daughter, and apologizes to her for the ordeal and said she handled it fine. She feels dumb for believing the woman that she was her grandmother, but says that it's because she hardly knows anything about her dad.

Back at work on Monday, Don walks into Ted's office, and Ted is pretty upset about the work that came out over the weekend, calling it "gibberish". This was obviously because of the drugs/vitamin dose everyone got.

Don just casually blows him off, saying he's just here to evaluate everyone's work.

"Every time we get a car this place turns in to a whorehouse," he says as we fade to black.



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