‘The Mindy Project’ Recap: ‘Take Me With You’

By May Chan,
Will Mindy go with Casey to Haiti?

As Mindy explains to Casey over the computer how she’s not sure if their romance can survive through video chat, her boyfriend assures her there’s nothing to worry about.

Mindy starts to strip in front of the computer screen, but her video chat with Casey freezes before Morgan pops up in video chat.

An embarrassed Mindy covers up before Casey busts out from the other room to calm Mindy down. Mindy again tells Casey she cannot do this long-distance communication to maintain the spice in their relationship.

Mindy lists all the boyfriend duties she’ll miss about Casey and spontaneously says that she should just go to Haiti with Casey.

Casey thinks it’s a great idea, and the two make out before Morgan interrupts them on video chat saying that he can hear them, but he can’t see them.

Over at the practice, Danny, Jeremy, and Mindy talk to a pregnant patient about delivering her triplets. The idea is for each doctor to take care of each baby. Mindy, being Mindy, tells the patient that she’ll make sure that the baby she delivers will be the best, while Danny discourages her from talking.

Elsewhere, Mindy takes Danny shopping to a place that sells home and kitchenware, so that he can pick out something for his ex-wife, Christina, who has just gotten back together with Danny.

Danny tells Mindy that he’s taking his ex camping, and Mindy makes fun of Danny, who’s definitely a city guy.

When Mindy implies that the relationship might not work out between Danny and his ex, she does make a good point that if this were a few months back, Danny would scream at the sound of Christina’s name.

Danny responds by saying that Mindy going with Casey to Haiti isn’t exactly a small step for her either.

When Mindy and Danny return to the office, their co-workers are making bets on how long Mindy would last in Haiti.

Morgan asks, “What happens when you’re kidnapped? You would never make it as a sex slave. You’re too ticklish.” Then, Morgan proceeds to tickle Mindy to make his point.

Mindy smacks Morgan. “I would be a fantastic sex slave!” Mindy says.

Mindy redirects the attention to Danny and his relationship with Christina. For some reason, Mindy invites herself and Casey to Danny’s camping trip with Christina

Of course, Morgan tags along. While the gang discusses voodoo and nonsense, Mindy is rest assured that she can survive Haiti for a year just like how she can survive this camping trip with her Haiti kit, which consists of her shampoo products.

Casey suggests that Mindy chop off her hair. Christina agrees on the potential new look, while Danny disagrees with the short do.

When the group sets up for the night on campgrounds, the couples each share a tent, while Morgan is on his own despite later wanting to bunk with someone.

In the tent, Casey accidentally flosses out food particles that hit Mindy, reads with an annoying portable light on, and knocks off Mindy’s glasses with his junk.

When Mindy realizes these annoying habits, she refrains from mentioning them to Casey, who happens to think that if they can share a tent here together, they can share a tent in Haiti together.

However, when there’s a bon voyage for Mindy and Casey, Mindy’s tactic to back out of Haiti backfires.

Mindy thought that if she made an ultimatum of having to get married before going to Haiti with Casey, he would not want to go with her, but it turns out Casey proposes to Mindy in front of her friends and co-workers.

After Mindy rejects Casey’s proposal and reveals the truth, Casey walks out on Mindy.

Even though Mindy wants to duck away from the party, the doctors receive word on the pregnant woman having to give birth. And the doctors are on their way doing what they do best.

After the delivery, the patient sheds new perspective for Mindy, leading Mindy to make the romantic grand gesture of running to Casey’s apartment at night to ask him for forgiveness.

When Casey seems ready to ignore Mindy, Mindy reveals the unthinkable to show her commitment for Casey, but will Mindy’s sacrifice guarantee her a solid relationship with Casey?

Back at the practice, Mindy and Danny have a moment as Danny reveals he has ended his relationship with Christina. Mindy and Danny try to squash their moment of awkwardness even though the tension speaks volumes.

The Mindy Project will return for its second season this fall!

Photo courtesy of Fox.



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