Nicole Anderson and Merrit Patterson Join the Cast of ‘Ravenswood’

By Claire Van Wagner,

The ABC family show Ravenswood has added two new members to the cast of the Pretty Little Liars spin-off: Beauty and the Beast actress Nicole Anderson and former Kyle XY actress Merrit Patterson.

According to JustjaredJr Ravenswood is about a town suffering from a curse put on the town generations ago. It centers around five strangers who are connected by the curse and must look into the town’s mysterious past to find answers. Anderson will play Miranda, a foster kid who is involved with the curse. Patterson will play Tess, a former best friend of Olivia, another teen connected to the mysterious curse.

Pretty Little Liars star Tyler Blackburn is heading to Ravenswood as well. He currently plays Caleb on PLL, and will be traveling to a nearby town in a special Halloween episode. Ashley Benson, who play Blackburn’s love interest recently shared how she felt about him leaving the show in an interview with ET

“I was so sad,” Benson said in the interview. “This is the thing, I’m so happy for Tyler, he deserves it so much, but he’s like my other half! He’s just amazing. When the day comes to shoot his last scene, I’m not going to be able to do it. I mean, I don’t want to give him away to these other people. But, I talked to Marlene [about how Caleb will be written off PLL] and I’m excited for people to see that because I’m pretty happy with how she told me their story would end.”

Marlene King is the executive producer of Prettly Little Liars and is the co-creator of the spin-off. She shared that she is happy how the couple will end their relationship. “Hanna and Caleb are such a great couple and we’ve designed this beautiful Casablanca moment for them. Hanna really gives Caleb permission to leave Rosewood and, basically, go to this other show. I hope our fans embrace it as much as we’ve embraced it as writers. That’s important to us.”



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